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The Stroke 


Issue 6 Volume XXm 

March 31, 1993 

Board of Trustees spares students 

Implements only mandatory 2% tuition increase 

by Eric Hellweg 
Strobe staff 

All undergraduate students at 
FSC will be hit with a two percent 
tuition increase in the 1993-94 
school year. The move comes after 
the Higher Education Coordinating 
Council (HECC) voted by a 6-5 
margin to recommend a two to four 
percent increase in tuition. 

The HECC vote did not come 
about easily. Piedad Robertson, the 
Massachusetts Secretary of Educa- 
tion was one who voted against the 
measure. Maria Rodriguez, Direc- 
tor of Public Affairs for both the 
Executive Office of Education and 
the HECC, explained the reasoning 
behind Ms. Robertson's and the 
four other non-supporting votes. 
Recently, the Massachusetts leg- 

islature asked the HECC to look at 
alternatives to the constant tuition 
increases that were saddling state 
two percent plan. 

First, the HECC recommended 
that tuition and fees needed to be 
combined so HECC would have 
controloverall costincreases. In the 
currentsystem, the HECC only has 
control over tuition. The individual 
state schools have control over fee 
and post-graduate and continuing 
education increases. 

Second, that the campuses need 
full and complete tuition retention. 
The money raised for tuition under 
the current program doesn ' t stay on 
the colleges. The HECC recom- 
mended that the money needs to 

stay on the campuses where it is 
raised, and the individual colleges 
can then appropriate the money 
where they feel it is most needed. 
The HECC, in its report to the 
legislature, was adamant that their 
proposal couldn't be modified. 
That is, both parts of the plan had to 
be used; one couldn't be imple- 
mented without the other. The leg- 
islature hasyettoactontheHECC's 

When the recent tuition increase 
came to a vote, Ms. Robertson, and 
four others like her, felt that reject- 
ing the increase would force the 
legislature to look at the Council's 
proposal more seriously. That out- 
come was narrowly defeated by a 
lone vote. 

Ms. Rodriguez felt that the legis- 
lature was balking on implement- 

ing the plan because "they don't 
want the combination of tuition and 
fees plus tuition retention because 
then the state schools would be 
operating like private schools." 

After the HECC made the rec- 
ommendation, the measure went to 
ees to determine how much of an 
increase within the two to four per- 
cent guideline would be imple- 
mented. The FSC Board chose two 
percent, the least amount The ac- 
tual monetary increase amounts to 
roughly $28. 

The only expenses over which 
FSC maintains total control, 
namely special fees, post-graduate, 
and continuing education, will see 
no increases. Thisdecision was also 
reached by the FSC BoardofTrust- 

Michael Shanley, Director of 
Information at Fitchburg State, 
said 'This is the year where things 
have leveled off. In the past, the 
students saw substantial increases 
in both tuition and fees. This year 
saw a small tuition increase and no 
special fees increase." 

When the HECC recom- 
mended the two to four percent 
increase, it was contingent upon 
Governor Weld's increasing fund- 
ing proposal for higher education. 
Weld's fiscal 1994 budget pro- 
posal does contain an increase for 
higher education. 

Even though the legislature 
won't vote on it until sometime in 
June, most people are cautiously 
optimistic that higher education in 
Massachusetts will finally see the 
increase it so desperately needs. 

Mara vomits on Chinese leader 

by Erie Hellweg 
Stroke staff 

In a move strangely akin to ex- 
President George Bush, FSC Presi- 
dent Vincent Mara vomited on a 
high ranking Chinese official dur- 
ing a recent trip to the Orient. 

The regurgitation, which oc- 
curred as Mara was giving a speech 
to pitch Fitchburg State College as 
a possible sister school to Beijing 
University, has had many repercus- 
sions. Namely, FSC-BU relations 
are at best , queasy since the inci- 

dent. Recent attempts by the 
president's office to contact the se- 
nior Chinese officials who would 
be responsible for a pact between 
the two schools have not been re- 

Dr. Franz No-not-me, who ac- 
companied Mara on the eastern 
jaunt, was visibly shaken when 
asked about the incident. "One 
would think," he said, "that after 
years of DAKA food, one's stom- 
ach could take just about anything. 
Apparently not" No-not-me was 
thenquestioned as to whether or not 

the students would directly feel the 
repercussions of Mara's actions. 
"Unfortunately, yes. Because 
Vinnie ralphed on an official who 
happened to be wearing an ancient 
warrior robe dating back to the 
Ming Dynasty, we had to pay for 
the dry cleaning. The result will be 
atwo percent tuition increase for all 

President Mara was at first un- 
willing to talk to this reporter, com- 
plaining of acid indigestion, but he 
later relented. He was offered a 
chance to give his side of the story. 
"I was recently in Germany," he 
started, "and there it is customary 
after a good meal to let out a large 
belch. We had just finished eating a 
tremendous feast, and as I stepped 
up to the mike ditka, I thought 
'What better opportunity to show 
these kind people my appreciation 
for their culinary expertise'. I 
opened my mouth to do just that, 
and I got a Utile more than I bar- 
gained for. I don't know, maybe it 
was the saki." 

This latest public relations disas- 
ter couldbe the beginning of the end 
Already students are mobilizing a 
"No Pay For Puke" tuition protest, 
where an effigy of Mara is sched- 
uled to be dowsed with DAKA's 
Manager' s Choice soup to simulate 

Herlihy Hall to close its 
doors for repairs 

by Tim Brooks 
Strobe staff 

Herlihy Hall will be closing its 
doors to Fitchburg State College 
students as of next semester. 

In a letter sent out to resident 
students from Dr. Charles Ratio, 
the reason for the building closing 
was a decline in residence hall stu- 
dents, a trend he believes will con- 
tinue in upcoming semesters. 

Residence Director of Herlihy, 
John Pestana, pointed out that there 
is asbestos in the crawl space under 
the basement The asbestos is re- 
quired to be removed by law and 
The Massachusetts State College 
Building Authority has approved a 
project to remove it The project is 
scheduled to to start in July at the 
beginning of the new fiscal year. 

"There are no health hazards in 
Herlihy Hall right now," said 
Pestana. "All the students currently 
living in Herlihy are in no danger." 
Along with the asbestos re- 
moval, FSC will also petition the 
MSCBA for other needed repairs 
such as replacement of windows 
and other things to make the build- 
ing more efficient 

The decision to close Herlihy 
was not an easy one for President 
Mara to make but it seemed to be 
thebest Herlihy is theeasiesthall to 
close down because it is the small- 
est At present every student who 
lives in Herlihy could be moved 
into openings in other dorms. In 
other words, Herlihy has a maxi- 
mum capacity of 144 students and 
there are presendy close to 200 
openings in other residence halls. 

After the town house lottery and 
squatter's rights, Herlihy displace- 
ments will get the first choice of 
new housing. 

At this point no one at Herlihy is 
in danger of losing his or her job. 
The RA's have the option of mov- 
ing to other residence halls and RD 
John Pestana will become the new 
Residence Director of New Halls. 




1 .V 


With the SGA 
elections under- 
way, we have 
bios for a more 
informed decision. 

Compilation on 
page 2 

Following a rash of 
reports , Campus 
Police have issued 
a warning in search 
of the madman 
running amuck on 
the FSC quad. 

Story on page 4 

This is our traditional 
April Fool's Day 
edition. Before- 
warned, some of the 
stories appearing in 
The Stroke are not 
entirely true... 

Campus News page 2 

Features page 5 

page 7 

page 9 

page 16 




March 31, 1993 


SGA election profiles 

George Lopez 

Candidate for Executive 
President -SGA 

Linda L. Peare 

Candidate for Executive 
President -SGA 

Anthony D' Ampolo 
Candidate for President 
Class of 1994 

Colleen Jackson 
Candidate for President 
Class of 1994 

Peter Russo 

Candidate for President 
Class of 1994 

Compiled by Shawn Robinson 
Strobe staff 

March 3 1 and April 1 are the last days to vote in this years SGA elections. 
There is only one question on the ballot this year. The question regards 
thecontinuedexistenceof MASSPIRG on campus. MASSPIRG receives 
its funds through a five dollar per student, per semester waivable fee. This 
fee represents a one dollar increase from last year. The money is then 

Every two years the student body votes on whether to keep the 
MASSPIRG chapter on campus. A majority vote is needed. 

SGA Executive Board 

George A Lopez - For Executive President 

Hometown - Leominster, MA 

Experience - 2 yrs. SGA Class Representative, 1 yr. Student Trustee,l 
yr. member of J-Board, 1 yr. Vice chair for Student Affairs Committee, 2 
years of ROTCSergeant, 1 yr. Public Director for Hispanic Student 
Union, 1 semester as Public Director for Communication Media Club, 
1 semester as member of Appeals Board, 1 yr. member of Affirmative 
Action Committee. 

Platform - To my observations their are a lot of problems that we face 

1. Alcohol abuse. 

2. Violence. 

3. Racism 

This is not a job for one person, the students need a leader who can and 
has worked well with the rest of the members of the StudentGovernment 
Team work is what will make these changes possible, team work with the 
SGA members and the student body. 

Remember this position is a volunteer job which asks a lot from its 
candidate and only a person with time, experience, and the responsibility 
to fulfill this job will succeed. I believe I am that person. 

Linda L. Peare - For Executive President 

Hometown - Franklin, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. SGA Secretary, 1 yr. Class Representative, 1 yr. 
Physical and Sexual Assault Task Force, 1 yr. Co-Chairperson of 
S.CA.R.E., 1 yr. Awards/ Convocation Committee. 

Platform - If elected, I intend to continue the success of SGA by ensuring 
that SGA is the real voice of the students. I would like to see more students 
involvement throughout all phases of student life, including SGA By 
promoting a positive, welcoming image of SGA, students will feel 
comfortable about approaching any aspect of the Student Government 

Jonathan L. Brown - For Vice President 

Hometown - Lowell, MA 

Experience - SGA Class Representative, R.A. New Halls, Rescue 
Squad, J-Board (All College). 

Platform - Club Council gets utilized for its intended purpose. Relation 
between SGA and clubs are prominent 

Matt C J)eveau - For Treasurer 

Hometown - Chelmsford, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. Treasurer for class of 1996, Leadership training 
through ROTC. 

Gerson Colon - For Assistant Treasurer 

Edward Puliafico - For Public Information Director 

Hometown - Braintree, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. Class Representative, 1 Semester VP of the Class of 
1995, one Semester President of class of 1995, Programs Committee 
Chairperson. Campus Center Advisory Board Qiairperson. 

Platform - 1 hope to make SGA more visible to the students of FSC. 

Shane Rodriguez • For Student Trustee 

Class of 1994 

Anthony D' Ampolo - For President 

Hometown - Melrose, MA 

Experience - Class President (Bridgeton Academy), Student Represen- 
tative (Springfield College), 1 yr. R.A, Huge Prize for Leadership 
(Brighton Academy) 

Platform - To give the senior class a year to remember. To have the class 
actively involved in planning events and also with the Student Govern- 
ment Association. To work with my class and use all of the input possible 
to serve them better. Some ideas I will be working on are, weekly 
informational columns, specifically for the class of "94" on what I am 
doing, what's happening, what's coming up, and what theclass (students) 
would like to do. I am also looking into a senior trip, senior week, and 
possiblyaweekendcruise. This is justthebeginning.Remember,if elected 
most to all ideas will come from what you want, the class of "94". 

Colleen Jackson - For President 

Class -Class of 1994 

Experience - 3 yrs. as President of the Class of 1994, 1992 Winter 
Carnival Chairperson, 1991Winter Carnival Chairperson, 1991 SGA 
HonorsConvocationCliairperson, 1992Studentof the Year.FSC Student 
Ambassador to Acadia University, Canada, FSC Student Delegate at 
National Conference of Student Services, Dean's List Campus Center 
Advisory Board. 

Platform - Senior Year is a college student's most important year. 
Student'sneedtohaveaClassPresidentwho has theexperience necessary 
to plan events such as the Senior Ball and Graduation. Students also need 
a President who is familiar with the class she represents. As President of 
the Class of 1994 for the past three years, I have acquired the leadership 
skills to plan a terrific senior year. I have established a good working 
relationship with the college administration and faculty by serving on the 
Academic Policy Committee and Campus Center Advisory Board. I have 
seen what events and activities are successful with students by visiting our 
sister school, Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada, and attending 
National Conference on Student Services in Louisiana I am also familiar 
with college procedures and knowledgeable with campus resources from 
chairing the 1991 HonorsConvocationandthe 1992WinterCamival.My 
goal as President of the Class of 1994 is to make senior year Fun, Exciting 
andaTimetoremember! IwiUplanthefirsteverSeniorWeekatFitchburg 
Stale College. The event will be a solid week of events. Everyday of the 
week there will be an event that is free and open to all Seniors. I will also 
make the Senior Ball affordable to all seniors and one of the best Senior 
Balls ever! 

Peter Russo - For President 

Hometown - Wrentham, MA 

Experience - President of an international fraternity, Veteran of the U.S. 
member of the curriculum committee for the ransing dept, Campus 
Center employee, Advisor of an international fraternity. 

Platform - To promote progress and change at the most crucial year of 
your college career. Through my leadership abilities, I will make your 
senior year an everlasting memory. 

Mary Barry - For Vice-President 

Hometown - Lexington, MA 

Experience - 2 yrs. R A. (Russell Towers), member of the Wellness 
Committee, Committee for Special Projects (Russell Towers),Phi-Alpha- 
Theata (Nat Hist Honors), member of the History Club, Dean's List - 4 
Semesters, President's List - 1 Semester, Nomination for Student of the 
Year 1992'-93'. 

Platform - 1 would like to bring the senior class together, closer than ever, 
having them become involved in activities to both strengthen friendships 
and ties to FSC. I'd like to incorporate the centennial of the college, into 
our activities so the class of 1994 will be proved to be graduales of FSC. 

Sean MacDonald - For Vice President 

Hometown - Boston, MA 

Experience - Organized underprivileged children's Christmas Banquet 
with the Masons. Provided transportation and labor. Have provided for 
myself since the age of 14. Live on my own, pay for school on my own, 
and have become a person of honesty, experience and leadership on my 

Platform -One set goat to raise sufficient funds to provide one text book 
per class, on hold, at the library, to be used by students like myself who 
cannot afford their own. 

Kim York - For Secretary 

Jason Joyce - For Treasurer 

Barbara Robinson - For Class Representative 

Hometown - Dorchester, MA 

Experience - Member of J-Board, Member of Affirmative Action 
Advisory Committee, Aids Peer Educator, Member African American 
History Month Planning Committee, Member Cultural Society, 1 yr. 
Class Representative, Former ACCESS Tutor/Peer Advisor. 

Platform - 1 hope to help make senior year for the class of 1994 run 
smoothly and productively. 

Gennifer S. Taber - For Class Representative 

Hometown - Reading, MA 

Experience - 1 have been on Student Government for the past two years. 
I helped plan the Winter Carnival and the trip to New York City. I have 
experienced in leading groups and feel that I am qualified to continue as 
a class of 1994 Representative. 

Erin Hickey - For Class Representative 

Reginald Mignon - For Class Representative 

SGA Candidate Profiles 
continued to page 4 


March 31, 1993 


Theater returns to Fltchbuig State College! 

The English department proudly presents 



S?L classic french comedy of manners. 

Dates and times: 

April 16 at 7:30p.m. 

April 17 at 8:00p.m. 

April 21 at 8:00p.m. 

April 24 & 25 at 8:00p.m. 

All performances in McKay Auditorium! 

Ticket information: 

$4 for students 

$7 for the general public 

Advance tickets are available through FSC's English department. For more 
information, call 345-2151 ext. 3267. Tickets will be available at the door. 

This event has been sponsored by the English department and 
constructed by students of Fitchburg State College. 

The Strobe welcomes the return of theater to FSC 


March 31, 1993 


Campus Police issues warning 

by Enrique von Helvig 
Stroke staff 

Following a rash of reports 
filed to Campus Police regarding 
the sighting of an escaped homi- 
cidal madman on the FSC cam- 
pus, Public Safety officers have 
decided to issue a warning to stu- 

The convict, who goes by the 
nickname of "What, me 
Murray?", recently escaped from 
McLean Hospital for the Crimi- 
nally Insane, where he was serv- 
ing a life sentence for the mutila- 
tion murders of several prominent 
tabloid editors in the 
Montachusett region. 

Students have reported seeing 
the man stalking up and down the 
stairs in the Hammond Building. 
He has also been spotted pester- 
ing students in the Commuter 
Cafeteria around The Stroke of- 
fice. In all reported cases, he was 
allegedly babbling nonsensically 

about being followed by "in- 
verted pyramids" which appar- 
ently had some sort of power over 

The escapee is described as 
being about 6'2" tall, roughly 110 
pounds with piercing blue eyes. 
Healso has an ability to contort his 
body into shapes seemingly im- 
possible for human beings to rep- 
licate. Authorities say he used this 
ability to escape from McLean by 
slithering through a barred win- 

If students spot the suspect, 
they are advised not to try to ap- 
prehend him, for he believed to be 
armed and is considered ex- 
tremely dangerous. Rather, stu- 
dents are advised to immediately 
contact Campus Police, allowing 
of course, for ahalfhour or so until 
they pick up the phone. After 
filing the report, students should 
immediately flee the area, for au- 
thorities believe the escapee will 
not go down without a fight 


Height -6' 2" 
Weight- 110 lbs. 
Eye Color - Blue 
Hair Color - Graying 
Outstanding Characteristics: 
Tattoo of Alexander 
Hamilton on Right Buttock 

Ability to stretch body into 

seemingly inhuman 


Murray also can vanish 

from selected locations, 

most notably The Strobe 


If you spot Murray, contact 
the Campus Police, or call 
the special national Murray 
hotline at 1-800-EZ-FOUR0 

Mam erection plans presented 

by Adol Christian 
Stroke staff 

In a letter to President Mara 
yesterday, the art department an- 
nounced its plans to erect a 20- 
foot bronze statue of President 
Mara at the head of the Alumni 
Court, outside of the Hammond 

In an interview, William 
Carvy,headof the art department, 
said that the money for the statue 
was donated by an anonymous 

source. He also said that because 
the statue will be made from 
bronze that"Itmightchangecolor 
but it will never crumble." 

Joy Teary, one of the art stu- 
dents who helped design the 
statue, was quite emotional about 
the project "Vinnie Mara has 
given so much to the college. We 
just want to be able to give back a 
fraction of that in return." 

Work on the statue is slated to 
begin at the end of the semester 
and be completed by the next 

school year. 

"We don't want the students to 
see any part of the construction. 
next school year," said Carvy. 

Student reaction was mixed, 

from "What is this Russia? All 

hail Vinnie!" to "It's about time 

they made a 20-foot bronze statue 

of that man." 

At the base of the statue there 
will be a plaque inscribed, "Presi- 
dent Vinnie Mara - An Uncom- 
mon Man." 

Indeed the story of President 
Mara is a truly uncommon one. In 
1970, after returning from his tour 
of duty Vinnie Maragotajobhere 
at FSC as a janitor. It wasn't long 
before Mara's leadership abilities 
took shape. 

Joe Janitor remembers, " He 
just knew how to get things done, 
you know? Whether it was orga- 
nizing the cleaning cart or which 
end of the room to mop first." 

With his new sense of leader- 
ship, Mara quickly moved 

through the ranks. In just five 
years, through hard work and 
dedication, Mara had achieved 
the position of President of FSC. 
An unprecedented move, but one 
that wasmet with little skepticism 
at the time due to his active in- 
volvement and his slogan, "If I 
can do it, you can do it" 

Since then President Mara has 
successfully led the college 
through both good and bad times. 
Vinnie Mara, an uncommon man 
for an uncommon college. 

SGA Election Profiles, continued from page 2 
Class of 1995 

Jeannine Anne Carter - President 

Hometown - Belchertown, MA 

Experience - Member of Programs Committee, 1 yr. Chairperson for the Coffeehouse sub-committee, 
Treasurer of the Special Education Club, VP. of theclass of 1995, Alternate for theOrientationProgram for 1993. 
Being a part of Christ Church on Main Street in Fitchburg, I am involved in many ministries. I am involved with 
the Prayer and Healing Team, the Choir, Religious Education and am the Canterbury Group (college-career age 
group) facilitator and founder. Christ Church houses Our Father's Table, which is something I have supported. 
I am also employed as a senior Counselor at their summer camp, Camp Monomonac. 

Platform - My platform consists of different themes. Every year, the Junior class must plan a Spring Break/ 
Semester trip. If elected for Class President, I will plan this trip to be the best mpm aspects of safety and fun, as 
well as planning a destination that would be con venient for better attendance from our sDjdentbody.Iplantohave 
more fundraisers for our class. These will be important, considering triat we have tostartthirildngaboutour Senior 
Ball and Graduation. The Bicentennial of Fitchburg State College is coming up, and the school is planning an 
incredible 16 month celebration. Our class will be an integral part of this, because we will be one of the graduating 
classes honored to be part of this celebration. It will be important for our class to plan and coordinate programs 
and activities to get the student body involved in this important event I feel that it is very important to have more 
activities for our class in particular to integrate unity within our class, so that we can have a successful graduation. 

Jennifer Hassig - For Vice President 

Hometown - Merrimac, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. Class Representative 

Platform - To plan a successful spring trip and to work on activities 

for our senior year. 

Laura Neves - For Treasurer (Write-in) 

Hometown - Cambridge, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. Treasurer of the class of 1995 

Platform - As current treasurer, I have tried and succeeded to maintain a constant supply of money in our accounts. Next 
year, we, the class of 1995, have a number of events planned and with this money stored in our accounts, these events will be 
made possible 

Dinelle Finch - For Gass Representative 

Hometown - Cambridge, MA 

Experience - ACCESS program, Cultural Society, Vice President of 
Aubuchon Hall Council, Iota Sweetheart, African American History Month 
Planning Ctornmittee, Tutor. 

Platfoim - 1 hope to participate in the planning of various events. The class of 
1995 will be represented by someone who wants to make a difference. Please 
come to support your class and vote for me on March 30,31 and April 1 . 

Class of 1996 

Kimberly Giansicacusa - For President 

Hometown - Windsor, MA 

Experience - Class Representative for six years from Junior High to High 

Platform - What I'd like to do with the class of 1996 is have fundraisers so that 
we can have class functions. I would like the class of 19% to know each other 
and be a close knit family, 1 feel this is very important. 

Danielle F. Foskett - For President (Write-in) 

Hometown - Worcester, MA 

Experience - 1 yr. Class President, observed Sophomore class for the 1992-'93 
school year. 

Platform - After observing the Sophomore class, I know how the Winter 
Carnival is run. I have some great ideas about the Winter Carnival and the 
upcoming Centennial Ball. 

Heidi Alexander • For President (Write-in) 

Laura Gelinas - For Secretary 

Erik Zeleski - For Treasurer 

Liz Lascano, Marybeth Mccall, Ellen Roseman, Amanda Tuch - For 
Student Representative. 

Lack of funds forces school closing 

by Kim Kadehjian 
Stroke staff 

Finals may be creeping up 
earlier than expected this semes- 
ter. President Mara and his ad- 
ministration has come to the con- 

sensus that there is no alterna- 
tive but to close school three 
weeks earlier than planned. 

Although tuition has sky- 
rocketed, the presentfeehad not 
been able to come close Jo cov- 
ering the budget FSC has 

plannedoa Withtheextrathree 
and a half feet of snow this 
winter, an increase in mainte- 
nance was needed, resulting in a 
lack of funds for payroll. 

"We are going to have to let 
the teachers off early without 

pay," said Mara after the meet- 
ing which took place over 
Spring Break Teachers are be- 
ing notified to wrap up their 
programs, and prepare for final 

Notification as to the new 

final exam schedule will be sent 
out through campus mail. The 
administration extends its deep- 
est apology for any inconve- 
nience that the early closing of 
school may cause students and 
professors alike. 


March 31, 1993 



uAkA is changing IB menu to please studenE 

D AKA going gourmet 

by Kim Kadehjian 
Stroke staff 

"It's about time some- 
one listened toour growling stom- 
achs," grunted Derek Kendall, a 
dedicated complainer of Daka. 

It seems that all the complain- 
ing done over the years has finally 
paid off. Our college's cafeteria 
had heard our call. It's time to say 
goodbye to Shepard's pie and 
hello to filet mignon. 

Starting in the fall, Daka will be 
serving with pride. There are 
plenty of changes for FSC stu- 
dents to look forward to. Not only 
will the menu be revised, but also 
the entire establishment 

No more standing in line for 
soggy fires or going on the trea- 
sure hunt for a beverage glass. 
This "fun" will be coming to an 
end. Now friendly waiters and 
waitresses will greet you with a 
smile at your own table. 

Tricia McDonough, an excited 
Daka patron, said she looks for- 
ward to returning to Daka in the 
fall without the stress of trays on 
her shoulders. 

"My weekly wipe-outs usu- 
ally occurred right by the stairs 
where you drop off your trays." 
said McDonough. "I could never 
seem tobalance thosedarn trays! " 

Now with the new waitstaff 
method, you will never have to 
leave your seat again. Broken 
plates and shattered glasses will 
amuse the Daka crowd no more. 

Not only will the service be 
enjoyed, but also the food. Are 
You Full, the director of Daka, 
said they will be hiring gourmet 
chefs from all around the world. 
Although this may affect the cost 
of the meal plan by 40 percent, a 
recent survey sent though cam- 
pus mail showed no real objec- 

A dress code will come into 
effect with the new Daka in Sep- 
tember. No more sweatshirts or 
jeans will beallowed in the dining 
area, hopefully adding a touch of 
class to the dining hall. 

So next semester instead of 
heading down to Slat's for dinner, 
change your direction and check 
out the new Daka. It will be a 
whole new dining experience. 

Abolitionists have a 
rich and storied past 

by Tara Kerrigan 
Staff writer 

One woman spoke out in 
memory of many brave and cou- 
rageous African Women Aboli- 
tionists as part of the events of 
Women's History Month. Sibyl 
Brownlee gave a presentation to 
students and faculty on Thursday, 
March4in theEllis WhiteLecture 

Brownlee's talk covered sev- 
eral women abolitionists from 
1820-1860. She gave summaries 
of their lives as well as some of 
their more notable accomplish- 

Not only did these women face 
the problemsofbeinga woman in 
this era, butalso the problems that 
faced most Africans. Some of 
these women first got involved 
with theantislavery movementby 
working with the underground 
railroad and other antislavery or- 
ganizations. According to 
Brownlee, the most active 
women were located in Boston, 
Philadelphia, and New York 

She spoke about Maria Miller 
Stewart who, unlike some of the 
other feminists, had no role mod- 
els and no male image in her life to 
inspire her. Stewart had no 

antislavery contacts and was a 
feminist whobelieved in selfhelp 
to venture on a crusade for equal- 

Stewart was bom in Hartford, 
Connecticut and was orphaned 
when she was five years old. She 
became a servant but desired an 
education. She avidly read the 
Bible and antislavery literature. 
In her speeches, she urged 
women to become educated and 
get involved. She was critical of 
men, especially black men, and 
shepreached to her female listen- 
ers to"process the spiritof men." 
After facing much hostility, she 
retired from her public speaking 
career in 1833. She was the first 
black American bom woman to 
speak to mixed gender audi- 

This strong woman was only 
one of the several introduced in 
Brownlee's lecture, and only one 
of the hundreds who has helped 
women in this country get where 
they are today. 

Sibyl Brownlee delivered an 
informative speech thatgaverec- 
ognition and praise to women 
who deserved it It was a chance 
to brush up on some history and 
appreciate the hard work of oth- 
ers that have benefited today's 

Staff writer 

The presence of yet another 
the United States and Russia oc- 
curredatFSCrecently.In addition 
to the recent visits by Russian 
scholars Dr. Valdimir Matiavin 
and Dr. Sergei Chizkhov, an FSC 
professor, James Andrews, iscur- 
rently providing technological 
assistance in the renovation and 
rebuilding of the area outside St 
Petersburg, Russia 

In his slide presentation to fac- 
ulty and students on March 4, in 
the Kent Recital Hall, Andrews 
displayed a vast array of photo- 
graphs contrasting the Russian 
architecture of the Pre-Revolu- 
tionary, Soviet, and Modernistic 
period. Andrewswas"impressed 
with Russia, its people, and its 
wonderful culture and customs." 
He said that thepre-revolutionary 
buildings were "absolute works 
of art" but the designs no longer 

Andrews is currently involved 
in the design collaboration and is 
workingalongsidethechief archi- 
tect from St. Petersburg. 
Andrews is offering his expertise 
tecture with thearchitecturebeing 
used in Russia today. 

According to Andrews, the 
new architecture is "boring and 

without design," especially the 
Stalin-era apartment complexes 
which are extremely large, con- 
solidated, and monotonous when 
compared to those being used in 
the United States. 

He added that the quality of 
construction is far less than the 
States. This is because the current 
bilize these largebuildings.which 
often house up to 60,000 people. 
Andrews pointed out that it was 
puzzling how the Russians could 
have constructed magnificent 
buildings such as the Hermitage 
and St. Basil's, both built during 
the pre-revolutionary period and 
standing today, and yet the new 
construction is deteriorating. This 
couldbedirectlyrelated tome low 
morale of workers and the lack of 
tradeworkers skilled in building 
design and construction. 

The majority of building sup- 
plies are made in the factory so 
construction remains virtuallyun- 
changed, and they exhausted the 
limited amount of designs which 
results in a conglomerate of iden- 
tical buildings often found side by 
side in endless rows. 

While in Russia, Andrews is 
providing construction technol- 
ogy assistance in the building of a 
festival center that will feature a 
cultural center, an art gallery, and 
several theaters. He was also able 
to establish a concrete block plan 

torstoproducetheirown materials 
and alleviate the problem of ob- 
taining the necessary supplies. 

In addition, Andrews said that 
he is using local supplies and ma- 
terials from Fitchburg, Marlboro, 
and Rhode Island. Thesemateri- 
als will arrive in St. Petersburg 
after six weeks of sea passage. 
There is also the presence of other 
major American business in Rus- 
sia such as Pepsi Co, General 
Electric, Ford, and several com- 
puter software companies. 

Andrews displayed a photo of 
the first personal car garage being 
constructed in a single-family 
housing project in Russia. Then 
he proudly declared that he was 
responsible for delivering the first 
electric overhead garage door 

Since his first visit in the fall of 
1989, he has seen many changes 
inRussia. TheRussiansarebegin- 
ning to address their environmen- 
talproblems with theconstruction 
of new water and sewer treatment 
plants, as well as updating their 
water systems, which were still 
using steel pipes. Upon his recent 
visit, he noticed that the large pro- 
paganda art work found on many 
buildings is gone. 

Most importantly, during his 
lecture Andrews stressed theneed 
for continued government sup- 
port from the United States and 

Peter Russo 


Class of '94 

©CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES 8ox5955 Berkeley, Ca. 94705 


March 31, 1993 


FSC stands for equality 

FSC will be offering "Freshette" to any interested female students on April 1 

by Derek Valcourt 
Stroke staff 

In conjunction with 
Womeris History Month, FSC 
will beoffering Freshette, thenew 
feminine urinary director device, 
to women in the college commu- 
nity free of charge, according to 
President Mara. 

'This bold move was made in 
order to make women as equal to 
men as possible," said Mara, who 
has been a strong advocator for 
women's rights all his life. "We 
took a stand because we want 
people to feel as equal aspossible 
here in every way, and this was a 
step in that direction." 

The palm-sized device is envi- 
ronmentally sound, featherlight, 
reuseable, and comes complete 
with a custum pouch. It allows 
women to stand while urinating. 
It aims to solve several problems 
facing women including danger- 
ous sanitary conditions in some 

public bathrooms. Some of the 
people this product can help in- 
clude the physically restricted, 
caregivers, campers, college resi- 
dents, hikers, travelers, and 

It will be distributed in G- 
lobby on April 1, by one of the 
campuss more popular sororities 
who proudly endorse the product 
and require its members to use it 
After the distribution, there 
will be aprivate demonstration to 
all interested women on how to 
use the product in the G-Lobby 
womens' bathroom by Letme 
Stand, a communications major 
and self labeled equal urinary 
rights supporter. Her demonstra- 
tion will show at2:30 and again at 
3:30 if the demand is high 

Mara said that these items are 
already so popular outside the 
campus that he predicts that on 
April 1, "they'll go like hot 
cakes." He is so excited that he 

said, "Ifthedemand is big enough 
I'm even thinking of investing 
some of my own money into 
Howard Blonder &Associates, 
the company that makes 

"The idea has been mentioned 
that Freshettes should be avail- 
able to any of the residents of 
Aubuchon Hall through a vend- 
ing machine in the main lobby of 
that building," said Sherri Quar- 
ter-Mile, Director of Residence 
Life. However, she added that 
this might not be possible due to 
the contract between FSC and 
Dakka,thefood service company 
who supplies the machines. 

Mara said that this is a cost 
effectivemoveaswelL "We'llbe 
able to consolidate some of the 
restroom facilities on campus so 
that we have co-ed bathrooms," 
he said. "It will be a fine day for 
FSC when men and women can 
stand side by side in the bathroom 
as well as the work place." 

She's in 'a league of her own 1 

Original womeris baseball player visits FSC 

by Danielle Sullivan 
Strobe Staff 

On March 10, FSC was pre- 
sented with "A League of Their 
Own: VideoandDiscussion"co- 
sponsoredby theProgramsCom- 
mitlee and WITS, in honor of 
Women's History Month. 

The program consisted of a 
thirty minute documentary on the 
World War n era "All American 
Girls Professional BaseballPlay- 
ers Association," the group who 
inspired director Peggy 
Marshal's film "A League of 
Their Own", which starred 
Geena Davis and Madonna. It 
was presented in the Miller Oval 
Room and was followed by a 
lecture and discussion from an 
original "Rockford Peach", 
Mary Pratt 

Pratt, who played in Illinois 

forthePeachesfrom 1943-47,had 
many interesting things to say 
about her career as a ball player. 
She now is a Physical Education 
teacher here in Massachusetts and 
looks backfondly on memoriesof 
being sent to charm school and 
sliding in to home plate with a 
dress on. 

The "AAGPBL" was formed 
during World War II due to the 
lack of men in the US and the 
desire not to let baseball die out 
Girls fresh out of high school as 
well as mothers and wives left 
home to play the game and have a 
ball. The pay was good and they 
were able to travel. Pratt recalled, 
"We hadn 't thought we were any- 
thingspecial. We werejusthaving 
a good time on a team." This 
statement was a reference to the 
accomplishment and milestones 
they achieved for women in 

Pratt is a determined advocate 
for girls in sports and has worked 
to help them achieve the recogni- 
tion they deserve. "There is a 
place for girls in sports and that's 
what keeps me going on this 
agenda," she said. Her agenda 
consists of visits to local colleges 
to speak of her experiences and 
her work with the AAGPBL. The 
association received a $100,000 
profitfrom the film "ALeagueof 
Their Own" and has begun a 
scholarship program for young 
athletic girls. 

Pratt was delighted to inform 
her audience that one of her 
former students is nowacurator at 
the Baseball Hall of Fame in 
CooperstDwn, New York, where 
Pratt is honored along with many 
others. She stated proudly, "I'm 
up there with Ted Williams, 
whom I so admire." 

Health Forum 

Speech today on ethics and syphUUs 

by Carol Picard 
Contributing writer 

Susan Reverby, PhD of Wellesley College, will present the paper "The 
Multiple Narratives of Nurse Rivers: Ethics and the Tuskegee Syphilis 
Experiment" on March 3 1 at 2:30 in the Condike Lecture Hall. 

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study was a research project examining the 
natural history of untreated syphilis. The study went on over forty years 
duringwhich time penicillin was discovered and used asatreatmentforthe 

The 600 African Americans involved in this study, however, never 
received penicillin. They were not told of the availability of this drug nor 
the consequences of their disease if left untreated. It took investigative 
reporting and media attention to bring this project to a halt The ethical 
principle of beneficence, or "to do no harm" was violated to the extreme 
in this case. 

The outcome of a national spotlight on the project led to the establish- 
ment of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects 
of Biochemical and Behavioral Research. The work of this Commission 
was to establish informed consentpolicies and institutional review boards 
in agencies which received federal funds to conduct research on human 

Dr. Reverby 's interest lies in the ethics of the players in the Tuskegee 
Study, in particular, the chief nurse. Nurse Rivers was the main link 
between the men in the study and the physicians working on this public 
Health Service project 

What was Nurse Rivers' role? How did she construe what she was 
doing? Hear Dr. Reverby and find out Dr. Reverby is well-known in the 
nursing community for her book'Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of 
American Nursing 1850-1945." 


G000 ErARtf B 



, r car 

F o9 ??edu c 


"""leed 10 








Heal** 1 *-" ^ificate 

proQ 1 

raif s 


as - - 


Ad" 1 " 


fasts 1 



* Serf** 1 ^ thefaP*^.- in *ra&#* W^ 09 ' 
to •^5^^3*^0*£T 


* a J%&* tl "Sub A* 3 * 00 





March 31, 1993 

The Strobe 


Founded 1940 
ERIC P. HELLWEG, Editor-in- C*EZ. 

KRISTI L. WIDBERG, Managing Editor 

JEFF MANN, AssL News Editor 
DEREK VALCOURT, Features Editor 
ROB HANEISEN, Opinion Editor 
DAVE QUERZOLI, Sports Editor 
TIM BROOKS, Associate Editor 
JASMINE DOWD, Copy Editor 
ERIC METZNER, Photo Editor 
STEVE WOLSKI, Photo Editor 

MARSHALL L. MYERS, Chief seeking treatment 

DENISE H AMEL,confuse . people, 
JULIE OLSEN, Production AssLstant 
CHRIS RYAN, overall crowd favorite 
CHAD JOHNSON, Production Assistant 
CHUCK MULLANEY, Graphic Artist 


JENNIFER COVE, Advertising Maiager 
MARILYN DUNCAN, Business Manager 
ANDREA FEMTNO, AssL Business Manager 
ZIMRA PANITZ, Public Relations 
DR. THOMAS MURRAY, Faculty Advisor 

Colleen Jackson for President 

The Strobe endorses Colleen 
Jackson for President of the class of 
only because of her outstanding 
record of service to the class of '94, 
but also because of the barbaric 
behavior and complete lack of pro- 
fessionalism exhibited by some of 
her challengers. 

Ms. Jackson has been president 
of the class of '94 for three years, 
and in that time, she has served as 
1992 Winter Carnival chairperson, 
was 1992 Student of the Year, was 
thechairperson forthe 1991 Honors 
Convocation, was the FSC student 
ambassador to AcadiaUniversity in 
Canada, was the FSC student del- 
egate to the National Conference of 
Student Services, and is a member 
of the Dean's List and the Campus 
Center Advisory Board. Her con- 
tinuing dedication to the class of '94 
makes her the clear choice for this 
year's election. 

An "All Candidates Hour" was 
held on Thursday , March 25 in Ellis 
White Lecture Hall featuring all the 
candidates up for election. The de- 
i bate between the three candidates 
for President of the class of '94 was 
nothing short of disgusting. 

Ms. Jackson clearly, concisely, 

and eloquently stated the reasons 
why the students should vote for 
her, reiterating her long record of 
commitment and service to the 
school. She was well received ex- 
cept for a very vocal and outright 
obnoxious contingentof the crowd. 
The next speaker, Tony 
D'Ampolo whipped thecrowdinto 
a frenzy with his All- American slo- 
gans and rhetoric, citing Ms. 
Jackson's use of the pronoun "J", 
and proclaiming that under his 
reign everything would be "We", 
as in "The People". He claimed that 
he would work hard to involve 
everyone in the class in everything 
that wenton. The crux ofhispresen- 
tation was a non-scientific poll 
which cited that only 13 out of 100 
people from the class of '94 sur- 
veyed knew who their class presi- 
dent was. Of those 13, only 7 could 
think of anything that she had done. 
Student apathy is indeed a prob- 
lem of epidemic proportions at 
FSC. Somuchso,thatasimilarpoll 
would probably yield the same re- 
sults even if the question was 
switched from the president of the 
class of '94 to the President of the 
United States. It will take a great 
deal more than any one person's 

term in office to change thaL 

Mr. D'Ampolo proved himself 
a passionate public speaker, and 
could have been a contender, but 
his credibility was completely 
eradicated when he aligned himself 
with the third candidate, Peter 

Mr. Russo, who clearly earned 
his political stripes from the likes of 
Pat Buchanan, dragged the "de- 
bate" down to a level that was both 
despicable and scary. His speech 
consisted of completely unfounded 
accusations against Ms. Jackson, 
and were therefore rendered null 
and void. He offered no concrete 
proposals as to how he would 
change things; he merely stood 
imposingly in his full army regalia 
and threw mud continuously at her. 
Many students were so disgusted, 
they got up and left during his 

This type of "politics" has no 
place in a school election process, 
and is perhaps best relegated to an 
alleyway. To see it in as public a 
forum as "The All Candidates 
Hour" is a discredit to this school 

■ SGA response ■ 

Some of the views expressed during All Candidates Hour held Thursday, March 25, 1993 in Ellis White Lecture 
Hall do not reflect the views of the Student Government Association. Some of the accusations made by candidates 
during this forum are unfounded and have no validity. The Elections Committee of The Student Government 
Association would like to apologize to any and all candidates who have been maligned. 

Gerson A. Colon 

Public Info Director 

Chairman of Elections Committee 

Shane Rodriguez 


Student Government Association 

■A tribute to a leader and a friend ■ 

by Marshall L. Myers 
Strobe staff 

Can one be happy and sad at 
the same time? Well, I suppose that 
it is possible. Furthermore, I 
suspect that I am. Why, you ask? I 
have just learned that a friend of 
mine will not be leading a group 
thatl belong to. ThefriendisDarryl 
Santaus, the Staff Member of the 
JjiterVarsity Christian Fellowship. 
He has decided to leave the 
Intervarsity Staff for personal 
reasons, and he may even leave the 
Fitchburg area 

Anyone that knows Darryl 
would perhaps feel like me. He has 
beenengaging thecampuswiththe 
gospel of Christ for a few years 
now. He is warm, honest, and 
easily approachable. He has 
worked long and tirelessly to 
improve the fellowship and his 
ministry on thecampus. He and his 
wife, Elizabeth, have gladly 
opened their home for Fitchburg 
State students countless times for 
fellowshipandgatherings. God has 
blessed hisministry on thiscampus. 

It will certainly not be the 
same without Darryl. His warm 

smile, his listening ear, and his 
knowledge of the Bible will stay 
with me forever. In fact, the 
fellowship is unsure who will be 
leading us next fall. 

However, I am also happy. 
This was a difficult decision for 
Darryl and I am glad that he and his 
wife are confident in their choice. 
Whatever is in his future, I am sure 
that they will be blessed. 

I know that I speak for the 
entire fellowship when I say that he 
wilTbe missed. So long for now, 
Darryl. And remember, "You're 
the best" 



©CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES Box 5965 Berkeley, Ca. 94705 

Letters to the Editor 

It has become very obvious to 
some of us here that FSC has a set 
of established priorities, none of 
which relate to why we are here. 
During the recent series of 
snow storms, most of us had to 
struggle through banks of snow 
and icy walkways. But did you 
notice how clean the walkways 
were around the Sanders Build- 
ing? You know, where all the 
administrators work. You 
couldn't find a snowflake or a 
piece of ice on the sidewalks. 

While many of us were strug- 
gling to get to Percival, Miller, 
Edgerly and Thompson through 
ice and snow, our leaders were 
able to get to their offices with 
ease. Administration yes, Aca- 
demics no! 

And have you noticed other 

As students who are involved 
with various campus groups, we 
would like to offer our perspec- 
tive on MASSPIRG. Our Cam- 
pus Center supports a variety of 
organizations, allof which servea 
uniquepurpose. IFSC, the Outing 
Club, S.A.VE., Amnesty Inter- 
national, the Biology Club, 
WXPL and others involve FSC 
students in serving the local com- 
munity, represent the interests of 
minorities, promote cross-cul- 
tural awareness, provide on cam- 
pus programming and entertain- 
ment, and focus on world wide 

MASSPIRG, too, has a unique 
role on this campus. Environmen- 
tal issues are complex. As FSC 
students alone, we don't have the 
means to clean up toxic waste 
sites that contaminate our drink- 
ing water, and we can't stop the 
effects of acid rain by putting an 
umbrella over FSC. 

Even the actions we can and do 
lake on campus depend on the 
decisions that the state govern- 
ment and industry make. For ex- 
ample, we can throw all of our 
recyclables into recycling bins, 
but we can'tcreate local and state 
facilities to actually recycle the 
materials, and we can't create the 
industry market that will make 
recycling profitable for the col- 

lax security service. They are 
very expert in issuing parking 
tickets, but they fall far short in 
providing protection to campus 

And have you noticed how 
quickly a single light is replaced 
in the gym, yet many of the lights 
in the library and Student Center 
have been out since August In 
some parts of the library you can 
hardly find your way around it's 
so dark. Athletics yes, Academ- 
ics no! 

Yes, FSC is an "Uncommon 
College." Perhaps what we need 
is something more common- 

Mark Hubert 

Only through joining with stu- 
dents from across the state, pool- 
ing funds, and hiring experts can 
we have this kind of environmen- 
tal impact. That is what 
our voice on statewide and local 
issues thatdirectlyeffectus. When 
FSC students first voted to estab- 
lish the waivable fee in 1982 to 
fund PIRG, they did so because 
they realized the need for students 
across the state to join together on 
environmental issues. There are 
27 campuses across the state do- 
ing theirown thing on theenviron- 
ment, but the nature of environ- 
mental problems makes it neces- 
sary for students to join together in 
a larger student movement for ac- 

students have been a part of some 
of the most effective environmen- 
tal and consumer laws in the coun- 
try. MASSPIRG serves a unique 
and vital role on campus, comple- 
menting the efforts of all ourorga- 

We strongly support 
MASSPIRG for what it is, and 
urge you to vote YES on Wednes- 
day and Thursday to continue to 
FSC's involvement with this 
statewide network. 



And now for something completely 


March 31, 1993 


Pre-law club scheduled 

by Michael Gordon 
Staff writer 

The last issue of the Strobe produced some terrifying data. The results 
were that most of the students at FSC don't consider things outside of the 
classroom as part of their education. Tim Brooks expressed his anger, and 
so will I. 

In addition to a weak showing of interest at the HTV/ATDS seminar and 
the racerelatic<issurvey,therewasasimilarshowingattheRoger Williams 
Law School seminar. I was totally embarrassed to be sitting in an 
auditorium with only five people. I can't believe that there are only six 
people at this college that are interested in the challenge that law school 

It appears that there are just too many students who are more interested 
in whether CR Goody ' s is 18 and over and Donnelly's is offering fifty cent 

Learning goes beyond the classroom. It is up to students to make 
themselves more aware of extracurricular activities in and around campus. 
Involvement outside the classroom is absolutely critical to prospective 
employers and graduate schools. It not only helps buildcharacter.butit aids 
in creating a more appealing resume. 

There are too many good students leaving FSC because it's difficult to 
find students as dedicated as themselves to work with. This is a shame 
because this college has some excellent facilities and resources which are 
notbeing used as much as they shouldbe. It seems that dedicated Freshman 
come here only to be discouraged by the student body. 

So what can be done about it? Every institution needs not only a 
govemingbody.butforits members to step up andofferideas. With the help 
of Dr. Feng Chou, I will be creating a Pre-Law club beginning next fall. 

Hopefully this type of program will create a society winch will help FSC 
obtain a more dedicated and hard working student body. This will help the 
diversify the college's goal to be the "Uncommon Public College" by 
offering more challenging programs to new applicants. 

If anyone is already considering a career in the legal field or law 
enforcement,pleaseexpressyourinteresttD Dr. Chou throughcampus mail 
or visit her office in Miller Hall. 

Nazis demonstrate on quad 

by Bobby Heinous 
Stroke staff 

In this age of enlightenment and change some people are still reluctant to 
get with the program. On Saturday, March 20, aNeo-NazigroupcalledThe 
Anti-Plaid Reactionary held a public demonstration in the quad protesting 
the amount of plaid being worn by students at FSC. 

"The wearing of plaid demonstrates an evil mixing of the primary colors. 
The colors should be kept separate and pure," said Anti-Plaid Reactionary 
leader Adolf von Whitecraut. 

The Anti-Plaid Reactionary Nazi group has been a silent political force on 
campus for the past three years according to von Whitecraut. The group 
claims tohave members in both thestudentandfacultypopulations, and even 
claims to have infiltrated certain undisclosed student government organiza- 

The highlight of the demonstration was the burning of nearly a hundred 
plaid shirts and several J.Crew and LL. Bean catalogs. According to some 
of the participants of the burning, the catalogs were destroyed because they 
were purveyors of evil plaid sensationalism. During the burning, supporters 
bands chanted "No more plaid" and "Keep the colors separate." 

The demonstration was prematurely ended, not because of the disturbance 
it was causing, but because FSC police reported that the Nazi's cars were 
about to be towed for being illegally parked on North St.. 

An end to ignorance in America 

by Derek King 
Contributing writer 

When they tell me that "it" can't 
rx^sibly happen here,I knowall the 
more that it will. 

Let me set the stage for you. I see 
a land where hopelessness and 
shame are rampant, a nation full of 
ignorant hypocrites and bigots, a 
country where citizens are search- 
ing, searching in vain for a quick 
and easy answer. 

Does the scene look familiar? It 
should to anyone who has studied 
about pre-Nazi Germany or pre- 
who has a clear mind and resides 
within the United States. 

Sound a little too drastic for 
some of you, or perhaps a bit too 
dramatic? I know what you are 
down off of his soapbox and shut 

Sorry, folks, but I have a big 

Let me relate to you the shock 
Not that it was any different than 
any other week, but it produced so 
much anger within myself thatl felt 

compelled to tell you about it 

While in the company of others 
that I had assumed to be somewhat 
intelligent, wise, and knowledge- 
able.The reality of their asinine 
comments destroyed any 
preconcieved notion I had about 
any of them. Women's History 
Month had come into question as 
did Black History Month. "Why 
don 't we have a month set aside for 
White male history?"They belly- 
ached, and on the heels of that a 
ratherbarbaric argument was given 
in favor of the death penalty. 

If any of these dolts were bright 
enough, they would know that 
"white male history" is taught the 
other ten months of the year when 
we are not observing the accom- 
plishments ofblack Americans and 
American women. 

But the real kicker was the verbal 
altercation about putting someone 
to death legally within this nation. 
"What right does some 
scumbag, who killed and raped 
your girlfriend, have to five? 
Wouldn't you want him put to 

I believe this was the question 
they asked Mike Dukakis almost 

five years ago. As I began to re- 
spond that thedeath penalty is more 
financially taxing than putting 
someone away for life I was rudely 
cut off in mid-sentence. It seems 
that they just weren't interested in 
what I had to say. I also wanted to 
ask them what they thought about 
the Eighth Amendment of the Con- 
stitution. It states that there will be 
no "cruel and unusual punish- 
ment," but thebarbarians wouldn't 
let me get that one out either. Oh, 
well It's tough to argue when the 
opposition won't listen or drowns 
you out, or better yet, silences you. 

But then again, silence is golden 
isn't it? Don't upset the applecart 
and don't question anything. 

And whatever you do, don't 
think. Just go with the flow. Con- 
form to the madness, and eventu- 
ally you won't see it Ignorance is 
bliss,right? Don'ttellme "it" won't 
happen here. I won't believe you, 
but don't come looking for me 
when they replace the stars on our 
flag with a good old fashioned 
swastika or a new improved ham- 
mer and sickle. 

I'll probably have already been 
shot by then. 

Big hair contest staged at FSC 

by Bobby Heinous 
Stroke staff 

Eye protection should be re- 
quired for anyone attending the an- 
nualBig Hair contestatFSC. Some 
of the pointed locks on these con- 
testants pose a serious optical 

With inflated hair-do's becom- 
ing the newest fashion craze for a 
portion of the female population 
hereatFSC, the firstannual Biggest 
Hair on Campus contest was held 
on Monday, March 21, in G- 

A crowd of nearly one hundred 
people gasped in disbelief as par- 
ticipants revealed their immense 
follicle erections. Hair stretched to 
the sky in proportions never re- 
vealed before on this campus as 
judges were faced with the task of 
determining who would be 
crowned Hair SupremisL 

The contest consisted of three 
categories where winners were 
chosen for Tallest Hair, Most 
Original Styling, and Biggest All 

Around Hair. Contestants are al- 
lowed to use any chemicals and hair 
conditioning products they want, 
and some even had strict training 

"I haven't slept lying down in 
almost a month," said Suzie 
Beyloume. "I kdnda hang myself by 
my ankles from an open doorway 
with some bungi cord. My room- 
mates help me out by spraying me 
hair with Dr. Do's Magic Glue." 

When asked if she liked having 
such a monstrous construction on 
her scalp, Suzie responded, "It can 
be a pain in the butt sometimes, like 
when its windy cuz I'm always 
being afraid that it will break or snap 
from being so stiff with spray. I 
don't mind though cuz I know all 
the other girls are jealous." 

When it came down to judging 
time a surprise male entry won the 
apunkrocker" Wiliby displayed his 
seven foot towering blue mohawk 
for all to gape at Brad, a film major, 
has been offered the starring role in 
a new horror film about a psycho- 

path who shapes his hair into an axe 
a school of hair design. 

The Most Original Styling cat- 
egory was won by crowd favorite, 
Yolanda a la Naturale, for her foot 
tall Afro shaped into a figure eight 
Yolanda credits electroshock 
therapy and a good pair of hedge 
cuppers as her secret of success. 

The big winner of the night was 
pre-contest favorite, Suzie 
Beyloume. Her hair, which was an 
incredible six square feet in area, 
totally outclassed the competition. 
Their were vicious rumors before 
the contest that Suzie's hair was 
really made up of hair extensions. 
However, judges verified that her 
hair was in fact real 

"I'm like so excited that I won. I 
knew it all along cuz them other 
girls just don't have the dedication 
or physical ability that I have." 
Beyloume said. 

When asked if she planned to cut 
her hair, she responded, "No way. 
I'm gonna come back bigger than 
ever next year." 





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lVTHE 1 '5\Pf-BURMS"-|,l-£:LVlS NEVER L£FTUo* E 

-A- THE "LIP-CURL*/?"- Cps - ScoWt Like- THE <-,op 

JUtHC"BA&N"-^-WC ML icwow The^S 
^ Penchant Fortws s^lin' goodness/ 
«A. ThE "kARATf-FoR-THe-stAtf •bo*-I^^-if 

^ VfoU'SST GONNA L°=* u« T« tw^NfcsVw'RC 

(=,ONNA HAVE TA MOVE Llfc£ HIM, Too i 
a Tl|r 'COLLAR CUlAKreR"-®^ ||oW & V°u THINK 
V? y£ <^ r THAT TMANC? Sooooo %\(,??! Now/oulu fctiMJ 

-6TWC "JtLLy &>Nurs"-<0- WE ' R£r T ^! N ' 

78 Po2£f/V OFTHFSf Su/EEf BABR.'.' X s 
,> BI$$£K-T/MA/-A-BUI<K"PWj/<?u , £ OF THE KAN^i.' 



March 31, 1993 


Wandering Spirit 

— discovers a new path 

by Stephen McClure 
Contributing writer 

Evidently, Mick Jagger de- 
cided to go out and make an al- 
bum that pleased his own tastes, 
first and foremost, rather than 
thoseof others. Theresultis Wan- 
dering Spirit, Jagger's latest al- 
bum away from the Rolling 
Stones, which is a refreshing 
change from hispastsoloendeav- 
ors that proved him reluctant to 
stray too far from what the public 

Unlike She's The Boss and 
Primitive Cool, his first two solo 
ventures, Wandering Spirit cov- 
ers abroad musical spectrum that 
includes funk,gospel, soul, coun- 
try and a surprising traditional 
Insh-folk ballad. For a fresh new 
sound Jagger even went out and 
recruited Rick Rubin, who's 
done recent work with The 
Beastie Boys and The Red Hot 
Chili Peppers, to co-produce the 

These Jagger-unfamiliarities 
need not worry any of his fans 
though because the album is 
sprinkled with Stones-flavored 
tunes as well, including a pulsat- 
ing "Don ' t Tear Me Up", "Wired 
All Night", and "Sweet Thing", 
which is reminiscent of the 
Stones' "Miss You". 

However, Wandering Spirit 
isn'tabouttheRollingStones. It's 
about Jagger getting re-ac- 
quainted with his musical roots, 
which isn't solely rhythm and 
blues. The piano driving "Out of 
Focus" has a gospel feel that 
Jagger successfully meshes with 
impressive sound which Jagger 
fans are unaccustomed to. 

Lenny Kravitz teams up with 
Jagger to cover the Bill Withers 
1972 hit "Use Me", resulting in a 

crooning duet fueled by a funk 
groove bass-line. The surprise 
track on the album is "Handsome 
Molly", the traditional Irish-folk 
ballad, a rarity that Jagger would 
never have the opportunity to do on 
a Stones album It's a treat to hear 
Jagger sing in his best Irish accent 

Yet the two gems of Wandering 
Spirit are "Evening Gown", a su- 
perbly done country number, and 
"I've Been Lonely For So Long", 
the Posie Knight and Jerry Weaver 
penned cover. On "Evening 
Gown", Jagger delivers one of the 
mostengagingvocal performances 
of his career as he sings to his lover, 
"Butlcan still paintthe town/all the 
I'm waiting for your blonde hair to 
turn gray." Like most of Jagger's 
handful of country attempts, 
"EveningGown" ispart tongue-in- 
cheek as the lines "People say I'm 
a drinker/ but I'm sober half the 
time" suggest, but it's the most 
sincere and passionate one he's 
ever done. 

You can't help but sway to the 
soul of "I've been Lonely For So 
Long". Once again, you don't re- 
ally get to hear Mick Jaggersinging 
anything but blues-steeped rock 
too often, but when listening to 
"I've Been Lonely", one gets a feel 
for the true love he has for other 
branches of music such as soul. 
This is Mick enjoying himself and 
doing the song justice and then 

Other highlights of Wandering 
Spirit are 'Put Me In The Trash", 
"Hang On To Me Tonight" and the 
album's title track itself. You may 
be disappointed with this album if 
all you want to hear are recycled 
Stones songs, but as Jagger invites 
can walk away or stay . . ." 

It would be well worthwhile, 
though, to stay with Wandering 

Deadheads flocked toWeston Auditorium recently to catch Jerry & Co. 

Grateful Dead performs at Weston 

by Dan Sullivinsky 
Stroke staff 

On Saturday March 27, 
Fitchburg State College was 
visited at Weston Auditorium 
by The Grateful Dead, spon- 
sored by the Programs Commit- 
tee and the FSC Deadhead As- 
sociation. There was a large at- 
tendance, consisting ofFSC stu- 
dents as well as people from 
other colleges and states. 

A newly trim and healthy 
looking Jerry Garcia got things 
rolling on time and encouraged 
those who could not find seals to 
dance in the aisles. Many stu- 
dents took Jerry up on his offer, 
much to the chagrin of the 
Weston security guards. A few 
songs into the set, however, 
found the campus police throw- 

ing up their arms and joining in 
with revellers. 

"I can't believe I'm here, 
man. I can't believe we got the 
Dead to play here, man. I just 
can't believe it Whoa, man!" 
exclaimed an excited FSC stu- 

Many were surprised at the 
fact that "Captain Trips" and 
company decided to play FSC. 
The reason Programs was able to 
get the Dead to perform pro bono 
was that Vinnie Mara and Jerry 
Garcia were roommates in the 
sixties. "Vinnie and I go way 
back, man," Garcia said. "I'm 
really happy for him, he's got a 
greatlittle school goinghere with 
lots of hip, mellow people. If all 
goes well I'd like to come back 
here again" 
Some students were quite sur- 

prised not only to see Vinnie 
getting down in the aisles, but at 
the factthat he knew all the words 
to their songs. Jerry and the boys 
even honored his personal re- 
quest when he asked for "High 
Time' '. Afterplaying the song for 
Mara, Jerry flashed him a wink 
that left many in attendance won- 
dering what the actual meaning 
of the song was. 

Few problems were reported 
during or after the concert, ac- 
cording to FSC police, with the 
exception of a few people passed 
out on the quad and a VW van 
circa 1969 driven onto and aban- 
doned on the Thompson Hall 

All went well otherwise and 
TheGrateful Dead hope to return 
at the same time next year. 

Open mike night lets the stars shine in the Pub 


iams Upham at the Open Mike Night at the pub. 
by Eric Hellweg 
Strobe staff 

On Sunday, March 7, The FSC 
Coffeehouse hosted an "Open 
Mike Night", which featured the 
best and worst of on-campus tal- 

The nearly sold out crowd ea- 
gerly anticipated and cheered on 
their personal favorite performers, 
and no one participant in the event 
left the stage feeling unnoticed. 
The opening act, and most enthral- 

ling, was the band The Tide. 

Featuring some local Fitchburg 
youths, The Tide entertained the 
audience for about thirty five min- 
utes with all original material. 
There was a tuning problem at first, 
but the band's youthful enthusiasm 
at playing out for the first time 
overshadowed any technical diffi- 
culties that arose. They had a sound 
somewhat akin to Jane's Addiction 
meets The Pixies meets Santana 
meets Pink Floyd. A diverse list, 
indeed, but The Tide pulled them 

all together and produced a 
sound that was at times equal 
parts soothing and abrasive. If 
this band stays together and im- 
proves their chops a tad, they 
could be a prominent act on the 
local front 

The Tide was followed by a 
group of guys who went by the 
highly original name of "Tim, 
Doug, Alex, and Mark". They 
performed a homespun paean 
entitled "My Friend Jason", 
which sang of the glories of Ja- 
son Vorhees, of Friday the 13th 
fame. Thirty seconds into this 
act, many members of the audi- 
ence wished there wasagongon 
the premises. 

The overall crowd favorite 
was Lannie of DAKA fame, 
who, for reasons unknown, de- 
cided to perform withoutamike. 
The crowd gave him rapt atten- 
tion and cheered wildly when he 
finished each song. Hisofferings 
included a couple Neil Young 
songs as well as the perennial 
college fave, "Louie, Louie". 

The cheering minions 
quickly settled when "Julie 
Marie and Christie" took the 
stage to perform an a Capella 
version of "The Rose". The two 
women were to be admired for 
their courage for such an ambi- 
tious undertaking, but after the 
tongue in cheek crowd fave 

Lannie, such a heartfelt number 
seemed somewhat out of place. 
Perhaps a better slot in the pro- 
gram would have given this act a 
better response. 

Next up on the bill was Bret 
Hart, who, standing alone on the 
stage with his electric guitar, of- 
fered up four of his original num- 
bers. He also mentioned some- 
thing about organizing an FSC 
Folk Festival. All interested par- 
ties are encouraged to contact 
him through campus mail. 

The Strobe Medal for Bravery 
Award was presented to the next 
performer, Jeannie Carter, who 
gave a truly a Capella version of 
"On My Own". Truly a Capella 
because the backing tape which 
Jeannie had planned to sing over 
malfunctioned, and she was left 
to sing the number "on her own". 
The crowd rewarded her for her 

George Mahassel and Brian 
Duguay took to the stage next 
with Spinal Tap references ga- 
lore. This writer counted eleven 
to be precise. Perhaps a more 
current cultural reference would 
have warmed the crowd up to 
their performance, which in- 
cluded a version of Pearl Jam's 
"Black", as well as the new "un- 
plugged" version of Clapton's 
'Layla". Mahassel and Duguay 
do share some chemistry on 

stage, and maybe with a few more 
sessions, they'll jam. Perhaps (to 
loosely quote Joan Baez) they 
could be their generation's Gary 
and Bob. 

Last semester's poet cum co- 
median Harris Upham added yet 
another reading to his repertoire. 
Harris specializes in giving off- 
kilter readings of poems, and his 
current selection was "The Hare 
Who Lost His Spectacles". He 
offered personal insights into die 
linesof the poem which were both 
insightful and scary. A crowd 
pleaser, and deservedly so. 

Jen Schnorrenberg performed 
"I Dreamed a Dream", and by this 
time, the event had gone well past 
the scheduled ending time, but 
few in the crowd seemed to mind 
PJ Nicholls sang a couple of his 
original numbers to what ap- 
peared to be a rousing response. 
Appeared to be because this 
writer had other commitments 
and couldn't stay to hear his set 
He was followed by a comedi- 
enne who also seemed to have no 
problem garnering audience ap- 
proval for her material. 

The Open Mike Night again 
proved to be a terrific success in 
both audience tumoutand for pro- 
viding a torum for shower sing- 
ers, air guitarists, and legitimate 
talent found here at FSC. 


March 31, 1993 

PAGE 10 

Scorcese's new film lacks story line 

Joey B. with Kris Kross 

by Joey B. 
Staff writer 

Hello again, I hope your break was phat and relaxing. Yesterday I went 
outside andfelttesun leaUybeamingonme.Y'aUlaww what tnat means. 
The warm weather will soon be here! With the warmth comes the dope 
shows and MADD people coming out of hibernation. The shows that I 
can't wait to see again are the Boston Music Awards and the KISS 108 

The BMA is always a good time. For one night in April all the hard work 
and effort many Boston area musicians have put forth is paid off by being 
recognized at the awards. The BMA is for all types of music and hip-hop 
is definitely included in the night 

Last year, I saw Smooth Wit Da Roughness win best new Boston Rap 
Artist Ronnie Ruff had his Muzik real tight with the title track "Smooth 
WitDaRoughness". Also that night EdO G won as Best Major Label Act 
Ed O G thanked the crowd by rcckin the hip-hop anthem,'! Got A Have 
It". '92 was live and I suppose this year won't be anything less. Some of 
the local groups nominated are Stud B and United to HI. As soon as I have 
anymore news about other nominees and performances, I'll get it 2 U. 

The KISS 108 show is always a blast with all the pop artists coming 
together to jam all day long. Last year, I got to hang with Kris Kross and 
PM Dawn for a while. Kris Kross and I cooled out and talked about how 
they got started. 

"It was kind of cool," Daddy Mac said. "We were hanging out in the 
local mall rappin' and this dude came up to us and asked us if we wanted 
to be signed to his production company." The rest is history. At the time 
(last May), Kris Kross told me they were working on a new album and 
would produce more of the tracks themselves. 

PM Dawn, the mystery, the music, the man - Prince Be. A real down to 
earth, cool guy. I talked to them after their performance. We conversed 
about PM Dawn's musk but more importandy, we talked about the KRS 
One controversy where Prince Be had asked the question, "KRS One is a 
teacher, but what does he teach?" The results of the incident at the time left 
a bad feeling between PM Dawn and BDP. Hopefully, with a year gone 
by the two artists can come together and work it OUT! 

Last year's KISS Concert also had CeCe Penniston, Boston hip-hop act 
BpChoice Clique and the Godfather of Soul.James Brown. MADDprops 
go out to KISS 108forbringmgsomethingforeverybody.Ihope this year's 
show will be even more SLAMMIN! 

On the local side, I was talking to DJ Shame from Worcester. For those 
who don' tknow him, what rock have you been under? This man has been 
everywhere. He worked on WRBB in Boston with host Jamieson Grillo 
for a few years. Jamieson is now a promo rep at Tommy Boy. Shame also 
did a remix for Tin Dog last year and also finds time to work with a few 
groups in the Worcester area. Kwaze is the artist he's pushing currently. 
Hopefully, you'll hear Shame on Da Phunck Pit soon. 

I forgot last time to include Dr. E and the group True Prophets. E has been 
at the school for a few years and is currenSy on internship at WILD. True 
Prophets includes E, ADK and Mark C. - The Prophet Their style is hard 
with the deep lyrics by ADK and Mark C. They are working with a 
production company and are hoping their break will come soon. Props go 
to the TP on the Quest for Success! 

My man Juke told me to let everyone know the new tribe Called Quest 
alburn will be out soon along with LL Cool J. Digable Planets is currently 
on tour with Prince and Madonna 

WelLPeace! rmGonnaBreak Here's the new Top Ten for Pete Rock's 

Top Ten 

1. The Flavor Unit (Roll Wit the Flava) 

2. Run DMC (Down with the King) 

3. Masta Ace (Jeep Ass Nigguh) 

4. Leaders of New School (with James Brown) (I Can't Bet) 

5. Brand Nubian (Love Me or Leave Me) 

6. Black Moon (Who Got the Props) 

7. Trends of Culture (Off and On) 

8. BDP (Black Cop) 

9. MC Ren (May Day on the Front Line) 

10. Yaggfu Front (Slappin Suckas Silly) 

Extra Hit - Snow (Runaway) 

Shout Outs: Juice, Inchman, Johnny E, TEC Crew, Fresh and Deano 

Note: Live mixing with Joey B., Dee, Jim D, and the Boy Wonder on Da 
Phunck Pit on WXPL 9 1 . 3 FM - Check It Out! 

by Shawn Sullivan 
Staff writer 

Mad Dog and Glory 
rated R: profanity, violence, 
strong sexual content 
starring: Robert DeNiro, Bill 
Murray and Uma Thurman 
** (out of four) 

Robert DeNiro's profession- 
alism. Bill Murray's sly indiffer- 
ence. Uma Thurman's beauty. 

These are the three stand-out 
qualities in "Mad Dog and 
Glory", the latest movie to be 
produced by Martin Scorsese. 
Unfortunately, the same three 
benefits are all this dull drama has 
to keep its rather nonexistent 
story flowing for a paltry ninety 

DeNiro plays Wayne, a shy 
nicknamed "Mad Dog" by his 
facetious colleagues. Murray 
plays Frank, a big time gangster 
with a knack for demanding re- 
spect and a lack of telling good 
jokes. Thurman is Glory, the put 
upon bartender at Frank's com- 

edy club. 

The lives of these three people 
intersect one night when Wayne 
saves Fiank'slffeduringaconve- 
nient story robbery. Eternally 
grateful, Frank sends Glory over 
to Wayne's apartment to spend a 
week with him and be his friend. 
This is the set-up, and when 
Wayne and Glory inevitably fall 
in love, it leads to a payoff of 
monumental unfulfillment 

The story had plenty of poten- 
tial, if only it had the guts to turn 
the heat up on its characters' pas- 
sions. Frank Milo is apossessive, 
arrogant rogue who rules over 
Glory to compensate for her 
brother's inability to pay back a 
tremendous gambling debt. 
When he sends Glory over to 
Wayne's place for a week, he 
doesn't want her there for a day 
longer. Obviously, a conflict 
arises when Glory decides to 
move in with Wayne, but little 
tension is generated as Wayne 
and Frank eventually face off. In 
fact the resolution to this warped 
love triangle is simplistic and, as 
Murray's character puts it a 

Thank you to Loew's Theatre in Leominster 


What we have here are three 
actors much better than the lethar- 
gic material that they find them- 
selves wading through. Robert 
DeNiro is just perfect as an inhib- 
ited and sympathetic polke offi- 
cer with no social life outside of 
his work. As always, he ap- 
proaches his role with great hon- 
esty, insight and selflessness. 

Bill Murray can be entertain- 
a blank space, and he is indeed 
interesting here, but something's 
missing. His character could have 
been more dynamic and de- 
mented, despite his reserved dis- 

Uma Thurman survives 
Glory ' s lack of dimension by pro- 
viding her with a quiet beauty and 
a gende plea for dignity. 

These three talented stars work 
well together, but their perfor- 
mances do nothing to fill the void 
created by the movie's flat story 
and dull pace. As a result this 
"Mad Dog" has no bite and littie 



Tailing Down 1 takes a walk on the wild side 

by Shawn Sullivan 
Staff writer 

'Tailing Down" 
rated R: profanity, violence 
starring: Mchael Douglas, Robert 
Duvall and Barbara Hershey 
*** 1/2 (out of four) 

Until the authorities identify the 
main character in'TallingDown", 
they refer to him as "a man in a 
white shirt and tie." When the 
of who this man is than the police 
is a seemingly average, middle 
class white man who is burned to 
the bone by the hell of city life. 

The Los Angeles Police De- 
partment calls him D-FENS, after 
the personalized license plate on 
the car he abandons one morning 
during a frustrating traffic jam. D- 
FENS is a conservative looking 
individual with Coke botde 
glasses and a Ross Perot brush cut 
but inside he is not so normal. 

Facing the harsh reality that his 
dreams have been shattered by a 

corrupt society that has turned its 
back on him, he is an enraged time 
bomb that is dangerously close to 
detonation. After he leaves his car 
on the highway, he begins a long, 
hot walkhome through thecity. As 
his journey through the streets of 
Los Angeles turns ultra-violent 
and vindictive, we witness the de- 
cay of his common sense and his 
arrival at "the point of no return." 
"Falling Down" is a highly 
contentious urban drama about 
one of the most controversial char- 
acters in recent memory. As 
played by Mchael Douglas with 
vicious anger, pain and disgust D- 
FENS is intended to be an embodi- 
ment of quickly descending into an 
evil wasteland. 

Creating a world felled with 
gang violence, economic non- 
sense, bigotry and democratic de- 
cline, director Joel Schumaker de- 
livers a cruel document of the 
1990's that drives its social ills into 
our skulls with brute force. Never 
before have I seen a film saturated 
with such paranoia and fear to- 
wards the world we live in. 
Thank you to Loew's Theatre in Leominster 

Unless you consider its vigi- 
lante theme, "Falling Down" of- 
fers no solutions to our problems. It 
is, however, a powerful and scary 
thriller that prompts deep discus- 
sion and haunts you for days. 
Mchael Douglas is terrifying and 
convincing as D-FENS, and Rob- 
ert Duvall brings a lot of compas- 
sion to the otherwise tired role of a 
cop who faces adversity on his day 
of retirement. Barbara Hershey is 
appropriately strong as D-FENS' 
cautious and scared ex-wife. 

Interpretations of the Douglas 
character may vary.Some may say 
he was a normal individual driven 
to insanity by the insufferable pres- 
sures of a dying institution. Others 
may regard him as a man who has 
been mentally unbalanced since 
day one. I believe that both possi- 
bilities are the case. 

Either way, it doesn't matter. 
Like the homophobia, racism, 
gang warfare, and anti-semitism 
found in this movie, people like D- 
FENS are really out there. And all 
it is going to take is a few more 
doses of the 90s before they snap. 

Comedy Night hosts national talent 

by DanieUe Sullivan 
Strobe staff 

On Thursday March 4 "Com- 
edy Night" was presented by the 
Programs Committee of 
Fitchburg Stare College and held 
in the Union Stop Pub. 

The night's entertainment 
has appeared on "Comedy Cen- 
tral" and tours collegesacross the 
United States. He did not per- 
form very long, but had the audi- 

ence laughing with tales of his 
own college days and post-col- 
lege life dilemmas. 

After Shipman had warmed 
up the crowd, Steve Kimbro, the 
night's main performer, took the 
stage. Kimbro has opened on 
and Whitney Houston, and has 
displayed his comedic talents on 
the "Oprah Winfrey Show". 

Kimbro was definitely the 
highlight of the night Covering 
such topics as race, sex and uri- 
nary functions, he had the audi- 

ence laughing uncontrollably. 

For his finale Kimbro pulled 
out the funniest gag of the night 
A young woman was selected 
from the audience and asked to 
participate with him in his act 
She stood closely behind him 
and, using her arms as if they 
were his Own, Kimbro began to 
tell a story. The womanproved to 
be almost as funny throughout 
the act as the comedian himself 
and made the end worth sticking 
around for. 


In honor of the National 
White Space Awareness 
Day 1993 

, ' 

. ■ 


March 31, 1993 

PAGE 11 

New releases from Poison and Tisha 

Tisha Campbell: Tisha 

by Danielle Sullivan and Kristi 


Strobe staff 

The multi-talented Tisha 
Campbell - actress, dancer and 
now singer has released her debut 
album, Tisha. She is famous for 
her acting roles in such movies as 
Horrors",aswell asforher charac- 

ter Gina on FOX TV 's "Martin". 
Although not an extraordinary 
musical accomplishment, 
Campbell holds her own on such 
dance tunes as "Push" and "Love 
Me Down", and proves that she is 
no Paula Abdul on her love bal- 
lads, which havethe feel of aJanet 
Jackson formula, particularly the 
track "All Good Things (Come in 
Time)". She has a strong voice 
with a gospelbackground that she 
has developed since the age of 


Campbell coauthors two of her 
songs, the soulful "Broken 
Hearted" and the sensual "Why 
Won't You Love Me", with her 
mother, Mona Campbell andpro- 
ducer, David A. Williams. In 
these songs, Campbell displays 
her ability to adaptto all aspectsof 
the entertainment industry. 
Campbell has created a niche for 
herself at a young age that many 
do not reach in a lifetime. 

Poison: Native Tongue 

Bassist Bobby Dall said in reference to the "new elements" which 
Poison's new album Native Tongue contains that "many things remain the 

Unfortunately for this hard rock band, that couldn't have been phrased 

Native Tongue seemed to dip into Poison's past repertoire more often 
than not The base line remained relatively the same throughout many of 
the tracks. Thisrepetition can be seenin"Body Talk" and'TJntilYouSuffer 
Some (Fire and Ice)", the tempo of the former song's chorus being a bit 

"Theatreof the Soul" seemed to be no more than apale version of "Every 
Rose Has Its Thorn" from Poison's quintuple-platinum album Open Up 
and Say Ahh. "Stand", however, was arefreshing, unique tune employing 
vocal backing by the First AME Choir. 

Perhaps these lyrics from "Stand" say it best for Poison's new album 
Native Tongue: "Somebody rescue me, Come down and rescue me." 

of 7UE\R W^KT... 
















March 31, 1993 

PAGE 12 

Wrestling slams into The Centrum 

College Students 

by Chuck Mullaney 
Strobe staff 

Sweat was pouring profusely 
from the grapplers of the World 
Wrestling Federation as they 
brought their bone crushing ac- 
tion to the Worcester Centrum. 

The two hour card featured 
seven matches, with only a few 
scale. The African giant Kamala 
faced off against his former 
trainer Kimchee. Kimcheewas 
ruthless, but no match for the 
mighty Kamala. The African gi- 
ant squashed his forma trainer 
with ease. 

In tag team action, the Head 
Shrinkers defeated High Energy, 
a team of Koko B. Ware and 
Owen Hart, brother of Brett Hart, 
theWWFs World Champion. 
ciation from the crowd as he 
worked on the highly annoying 
Doink, a clown with a bad sense 
of humor. 

The highlight of the afternoon 
was the main event which fea- 
tured Brett Hart and Bam Bam 
Bigelow. Hart was originally 
scheduled to duke it out with Ra- 
zor Ramone, but before the 
match, Razor came out to ring- 
side on crutches. 

Razor announced that he knew 
everyone hadcometoseehim and 
that he could, '"kick Brett Hart's 
butt, with one leg." 

Of course, no official would let 
Razor fight while injured and or- 
dered Bam Bam as Razor's suit- 
able replacement. With a bald 
head covered with tattoos and 
weighing over 300 pounds, Bam 
Bam is not the type you would 
less as opponent — unlessyouare 
Brett Hart. Both wrestlers put up 
agood fight, but Bam Bam'shead 
butt from the ropes missed and 
Hart kept his championship tide 
along with his fan's cheers. 

On a sadder note, two famous 
wrestlers have recendy passed 
away. Andre "The Giant" died of 

a heart attack in his homeland of 
France, while he attended his 
father's funeral. Standing at 
seven feet and four inches and 
weighing over 500 pounds made 
him not only a unique wresder, 
but the eighth wonder of the 
world. However, his immense 
size was a health problem, even- 
tually leading to his death. 

the wrestling world lost an- 
other hero in a tragic death to 
Kerry Von Erich, most recendy 
known as the Texas Tornado. 
Kerry committed suicide from a 
gun-shot to the chest Von Erich, 
33, is the fourth brother in the 
family to dieand the third to com- 
mit suicide. The only surviving 
brother is Kevin who is sure not to 
let his brothers be forgotten. 

Many people might poke fun 
at wrestling or call it fake, but the 
tragic loss of these individuals is 
definitely not a joke. The legacy 
along with the excitement that 
these two men brought to their 
fans will live on. 


Frankly Speaking hf7fcL/hnr^ Frankly Speaking kyfausrhhrk^ 

Ah J whaf,f ay+ell,, wake* you, 
+h ('n k. " Fre u A i a r, $ (if * $ug*esh 

1 wa<r \nng \o ^ive yon a 
VioHsebold appliance niekwarn*-.. 
. like MfWr «*•"?• 
f/?e W^+ fcouiA come up 
wiffc was *Bw\ Warmer Bradley" 

7 ree Tuition 
i\it a Smile 
on Your Face? 

That's right! The Massachusetts Army National Guard offers 100% 
Free Tuition for state colleges and universities in Massachusetts. The 
commitment is only about one weekend a month and two weeks a year. 
And there's more. 

You'll receive up to $6,120 in education assistance with the 
Montgomery GI Bill and you'll earn a salary over your six-year enlistment 

You'll receive job skills training in technical fields such as electronics, 
communications or computers and have the adventure of your life! 

Let your local Massachusetts Army National Guard recruiter 
put a smile on your face today. 



H.i'tl gp 



The Army National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


213 Highland Avenue 
Pitchburg, MA 01420 


Rooms, and Apartments for Rent ■ ' 

AH located in the Fitchburg State College Area 



^CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES Box 5955 Berkeley. Ca. 94705 

©CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES Box 5955 Berkeley, Ca. 94705 

All New For Next Semester! 

Campus Pizza Meal Plan 

1. The 5 day/5 meal lunch plan $79 a month. 

2. The 5 day/5 meal a week dinner plan $79 a month. 

3. The 5 day/10 meal a week lunch and dinner plan $158 a month. 

The following are your selections for lunch or dinner. 

#1 Have any small sub on our menu, a soda and a bag of chips. 
(Example: small roast beef, a soda and chips) 

#2 Have a small one topping pizza and a soda 
(Example: small pepperoni pizza and a soda) 

#3 Have any salad on our menu, a soda and a bag of chips. 

(Example: Tuna salad, soda and chips) 
#4 Have any pasta dinner on our menu and a soda. 

(Example: Spaghetti and meatballs and a soda) 

For more info Please see or call Mike or Jim at Campus Pizza 342-3464 


March 31, 1993 

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PAglA- \'M TlREP OF fc£lN6 

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We am to<jet/m 6(/ c/wice. 

Peace Corps recruiters will be on the Fitchburg State 

campus April 5. Find out how your degree in 

nursing, chemistry, biology, math, or 

education can qualify you for the 

experience of a lifetime. 


Mon., April 5 


G Lobby Hammond 


Mon., April 5 

12:30 pm 

Room G 04 

Call the Peace Corps 
617-565-5555 or 800-648-8052 ext. 267 

Peace Corps 



March 31, 1993 

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The English Club meets every Monday nightat 8:30 in the M&M lounge 
in the Hammond Building. All are welcome. 

AnyonemterestedmjomingOvereatersAnonymousshouldcall 617-641- 
2303 for more info. 

Exploring Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identities will be meeting every 
Wednesday at 6:00 pm. For more info about the group and its meeting 
location, please call during business hours x3428 and ask for Jaime, or 
x3205 and ask for Kelly. 

Nominations for the annual Joel D. Miller Award should be forwarded to 
the Awards Committee c/o Alumni Association, FSC, Fitchburg, MA 
01420-2697 by May 1st The award is $1000 and is presented each year 
to an alumnus in the teaching profession. For more into, call Michael 

If you have a personal concern or difficulty with which you would like 
some support or help, Counseling Services is for you. For more info, call 

Anyone interested in attending the University of Nice, France over the 
summer for college credit should contact Catherine Canney at 345-2 151 

Counseling Services has the followedule for the Spring 1993 semester 
Monday - SR. support Group in G05, 3:30-5:00. Leader- Kevin. 
Monday - ACOA (closed) call x 3 152 for location, 3:30-5:00. Leaders- 
Kathy and Holly. 

Tuesday - Past Sexual Trauma, Counseling Services, 3:30-5:00. Leader- 

Wednesday - ACOA (open) B25 & 27. Leaders Holly & Maureen. 3:30- 

Wednesday - Relationships in B16, 3:30-5:00. Leader- Kevin. 
Thursday- Women's Group in B26 & 27. Leader- Kathy. 3:30-5:00. 

Assertion Training begins on Tuesday, March 30 from 3:30-5:00 in B-26 
& B-27. 

The Peace Corps is sponsoring an Information Meeting atFitehburg State 
Collegeon Monday, April5at 12:30 inRoomG04. For details call: 1-800- 

Career Service Center is sponsoring Career Confusion on the 3rd floor of 
Hammond Building on Wednesday, March 31 & Friday April 1 at 3:30- 
4:30 pm. "What type of job do I look for?" is probably the most common 
question weare asked. Takesome time toconsiderwhereyour interests and 
skills point you in the world of work A two part workshop. 

Fitchburg State College is now accepting applications for the following 
Graduate Assistant positions; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate 
Research Assistant, and Graduate Administrative Assistant Some degree 
programs offered include; MAT in several secondary school disciplines 
(English, History, Science etc.), Educational Leadership and Manage- 
ment, Elementary Education, Occupational Education, Special Educa- 
tion, Communications/Media, Computer Science, Counseling, and Busi- 
ness Management Application deadline is May 15, 1993. Share this 
information with your sUidents.ContactLindaWinslowat(508)345-2151 
x3 1 85 for more information. 

Registration dates for Fall 1993 semester 
April 1,1993 Class of 1994 
April 2, 1993 Class of 1995 
April 14, 1993 Class of 1996 

The Amnesty International Fifth Annual Students for Students Human 
Rights Day Benefit Concert is scheduled for Sunday, April 18 at Quincy 
Market from 1 to6pm in theGreat Hall. The following bands are playing 
at the concert Morphine, Concussion Ensemble, Wildest Dreams, The 
Innocents, and Elements Watson. 

Dancer's Spirit "It All Begins With You" is sponsored by the Dance Club 
anddanceclasseson April6at8o'clockin Weston Auditorium. Admission 

s on 

a Is 

For sale: 



Leather jacket, ladies. Size- 

Good luck with your new 

To the end of the world, to 

large. $100 or best offer. Call 

friend from class. Hope things 

the top of the mountain, to 

Tara at 345-01 56. 

work out Good-Bye. = ( 

the depth the ocean blue.. my 

Paid $200. Worn only four 


love is true. 

times. Need the money, must 

Your S A 



To a new friendship... 


Dom & Andy, 

Guess who? 

Where's my dinner? I'm 

Keep up those workouts. You 


certainly need the exercise. 

Sickofthesameold%&#@ ? 

-Yours in hunger, E 


Write in Chris Herring for 

President Class of "94 

Amnesty International is 


sponsoring "Localpalooza 

History repeats itself. All I 

Chris Herring can add a little 

"93", to be held in the pub on 

can say is OH WELL. 

Xip! Write in Chris Herring 

April 16. Featuring live 


for President of Class of "94 

bands, art, and cool organiza- 
tions. Be there! 

Steve D. 

Why are you queer for me? 

Where's my Led Zep tape. I 


want it SOON! 

To the Saturday Afternoon 

Can I take you to Slats one 


Cocktail Club: 

night this week? 

Cheers! This week's special: 

-A friend who wakes up 

Hi Margaret, 


with you every morning. 

Here's a personal for you. I 

know how much you love get- 



ting them! 

Need a ride home from the 

Love, Margaret 

rink next Thursday? 




Hi, kiddo. Just saying hello. 


I wonder if I do better in 


I'm copyrighting the name 

dreams? Hope not 

we get together. 

"Stroke", so you'll have to 

WUV Chuck 

come up with a new one. 



You're the greatest! HI never 


forget the time we shared. 

They are not really night- 


Sandwiches are not your only 

mares. They are actually quite 

I'm glad that you had a good 

speciality, if you know what I 






Dante is alive and well. Pay 

homage and donate Oreo cook- 


Rick and Matt- 

ies to his dog, Bruin. 

I'm sorry about your breakfast 


God Save the Queen 

menu. Sorry, man! 




I tod you to use hypo- 

I've been missing our long 


allergenic jello, now the 

convos. Let's get back in touch. 

Cheerup! It'snottheendof the 

sheets will never be clean! 


world. I promise. 


Congratulations to the 1993 Ori- 
entation Leaders. We're gonna 



Stop looking at those young 

have a blast this year. 

Wannabe. You'll never reach 

women on the videotape. 


the goal. 


Hey, It's Party Time for FSC in 
Montreal, Canada 

April 17-19 Patriot's Day Weekend 

Sponsored by the Class of 1994 

For only $129.00 your weekend includes 

"Let's put our love to the 

supreme test. Teach me how 

to drive a stick shift." 

Round Trip transportation from FSC to Montreal 
3 Days and 2 Nights Accomodations 
On location Tour Escort 
All tax and services 

Bring your questions and deposit to the G-lobby 

February 16, 17, 19, 23 or March 1, 2, 5 from 

9:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

Only a $20.00 deposit is required 


March 10, 1993 

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MalanePerry : Drafted intotheNBA 

by Buck Naked 
Stroke staff 

'She's at it again. 

In a news conference this past 
Saint Paine' s day, FSC power 
forward Malane Perry an- 
nounced that she will be entering 
herself in this year's National 
Basketball Association draft in 

"I feel it is only beneficial to 
me," began Perry. "My days of 
playing for FSC are over and I 
have got to go where the money 

Malane is the first of her class 
of court-runners to opt for the big 
show and is very confident in her 
standings among her peers. 

"I think I got a chance at going 
early- late first round or early sec- 
ond," statedtheconfidentFalcon. 
"It all depends if Webber (Uni- 
versity of Michigan) decides to 
leave early also because we 're the 
same type ofball player. Weboth 
like to ound the boards and run 


Pound the boards and run up 
tempo?- Definitely! 

In 1992 Malane manned the 
boards for a school record 443 
rebounds. The Falcon forward 
also reached thelOOOth point pla- 
teau in only two seasons at 
Fitchburg State. 

Taking her tough boards and 
run and gun style into consider- 
ation, Malane is predicted by 
basketball's top gurus to go out 

"Malane Perry, baby! - A lot 
of boards, a lot of runnin' , a lot of 
points. You got to love her," says 
ESPN's Dick Vitale. "Forget 
Webber. This lady Falcon is 
gonna tear up the west coast, 
baby ...She's my top pick." 

"I think she would be an ex- 
traordinary addition to our club, 
especially with the departure of 
Larry. She can pound the boards 
for McHale and Chief and then 
run with Dee, Sherm and Reg." 
exclaims hometown coach Chris 
Ford. "It is just to bad that Dallas 

and Sacramento will get their 
hands on ha before us." 

But the question of her com- 
peting againstnew, stronger com- 
petition arouses. Will Malane be 
ready for the bad boys of the 

"Oh I am ready for bumps and 
out a few elbows and talk a little 
trash." answered Perry. 

"443 rebounds- Come on. 
Who is this woman?" asked Pis- 
ton rebounder and perhaps the 
NBA's baddestof the bad 

Will Malane be able to run 
with the elite hoopsters and 
handle the stardom of the NBA? 

"Well, I have all ready spoken 
with LA Gear and rumors have it 
that Reebok wants a Malane line 
on their women'saccessories.but 
I can not listen to them yet I still 
have to be drafted and prove my- 
self... I can't wait," announced a 
focused Malane. 

"She seems to have the right 
attitude,I like her style. " admitted 
rookie sensation Shaquille 

The Tyson chronicles 

by Patrick Horrigan 
Contributing writer 

Ooomph... for the first time 
ever, former heavyweight 
champ Mike Tyson was KO'd 
in the first round. Or was he? 
With the help of 'robolawyer' ' 
Alan Dershowitz, Tyson may 
have a chance in the second 
round to throw rap charges out 
of the ring. 

Mike Tyson is a household 
name. He is a person who 
came into ourliving rooms and 
proved that he is anexceptional 
athlete. He is a person we 
viewed on the Barbara Walters 
Show , where he conveyed 
himself as a shy child. To 
many, Mike Tyson was con- 
sidered a hero. 

He was considered this until 
that fateful day in June of 1 992, 
when a young woman named 
Desiree Washington filed suit 
against Tyson on the charge of 
rape. The jury found Tyson 
guilty as charged and sent him 
to jail for a six year sentence. 
Iron Mike appealed the 
charges, but was denied a new 

Now, almost a year later, 
renowned lawyer Alan 
that new trial for Tyson. 
Dershowitz argues that the 
formerchampdidnot receive a 

fair trial based on the belief that 
Desiree Washington may have 
committed perjury whileonthe 
stand. The perjury deals with a 
contract that Washington may 
have signed with her attorneys 
about awarded money if they 
won the case. 

Should Mike Tyson receive 
a new trial? 

"Yes," says Lisa Martin, 
pre-law student of Fitchburg 
State. "Washingtonisn'ttelling 
the exact truth, she's hiding 
something. It's difficult for 
Tyson to get a fair trial. He is a 
very popular figure and a jury 
will have already formed un- 
conscious opinions about him 
because of previous rumors, 
plus his occupation (boxing) is 
considered a vicious sport. I 
don't consider Tyson a hero; I 
think of him as a good athlete.' ' 
I asked Martin if it were 
possible that the fact that 
Desiree Washington was raped 
(according to the court's deci- 
sion) was being overiooked. 
Overlooked because we all 
want to feel sympathy for 
Tyson who has lived a difficult 
life. "Yes, " agreed Martin. 
"The simple fact of rape is be- 
ing overiooked, but Tyson still 
has not received a fair trial." 

The rape. It is the bottom 
line. ItisthereasonTysonwent 
to trial. So, why is it that 
Washington, the victim, is 

catching all of the flack from 
people? People want to be- 
lieve Tyson is the victim. 

In a Rolling Stone interview 
Sinead O 'Connor spoke about 
Tyson's misfortune. "Poor 
MikeTyson. I mean there is an 
example of a man who was 
treated abominably asachild... 
If he looks for solace in the 
arms oflots of women, what do 
youexpecthimtodo? Andthat 
woman (Washington) that is 
suinghimisabitch. Idon'tcare 
if he raped her, he should learn 
about himself and why it is he 
behaves like that.. But equally 
she should look at herself and 
lookatthe disgrace thatfhat she 
is making of womea Look at 
what she is doing to him by 
trying to get money off him." 
Fred Ares, a student at 
Mount Wachusett Commu- 
nity College believes, 
"Desiree Washington may be 
looking formoney or fame and 
people may not like that, but if 
she was raped, then Mike 
Tyson is guilty. It's not like 
Tyson should be retried simply 
because people don't like the 
way the woman (Washington) 
went about things.' 

We will just have to sit tight 
and see if Mike Tyson is 
granted a new trial. It will be 
interesting to see if the reason 
for the trial can be clearly de- 

Front offices' closed doors 

Sports commissioners have made minority hiring a priority. Most people 
who run the teams haven't. Percent of minorities, by position: 

AD: Athletic director, GM: General manager, CM: Coach/manager 


Major League Baseball 



College football 

SOURCE: Miami Herald 

Players AD/GM CM 

23% 0% 10% 
75% 15% 7% 
60% 0% 7% 
46% 2% 0% 

" ' TV™ T "' ™ 

o/lool ; 

O'Neil. "BuL it does not mean I 
won't shove the ball down her 

Malane seems to have her 
work cut out for her and FSC will 
be pulling for her as she goes up 

against theRodman'sand 

Mr. O'Neil had one final word 
of advice for the incoming rookie, 
"Hey, Ms. Perry. Don't fake the 
funk on a nasty dunk!" 

is scapegoat in 
baseball losses 

Strobe staff 

Although the weather has been cold and the snow has covered the 
playing fields ofFitchburg for the pastfourmonths, the Fitchburg State 
College boys of summer are back to help us celebrate thecomingof the 
new spring season. 

As the treacherous weather swept across the NortheasL the 1993 FSC 
baseball squad boarded a plane for Florida hoping to leave the cutting 
winds and the memories of last season's disappointing campaign 

But like a storm cloud, echoes of 1992 chased and picked at their 
heals. TheFalconsdtoppedahandfulof gamesandcamehome without 
a victory — and sun, for windburned weathered faces took the place of 
deep, dark tans. 

The weather did not only hinder their enjoyment of their annual 
escape to the west Floridian City of St Petersburg, it also affected their 

"The weather was definitely a factor," began third year veteran Mat 
Fallon. "The pitching was excellent, but we have been in the gym for 
weeks. It's hard to hit well this early." 

It is the plight of the New England ball player to be set back by the 
frigid confinement of winter, but first year designated hitter/ 
centerfielder Pat Mac Arthey states, "We will be fine when the weather 

Although in a slump, the team has a number of strong returning 
starters andcoach John MCGuirk will be looking for their bats toboom. 

The hitting will have to improve to catch up with the strong pitching 
staff. 'Thepitchingthisyear is already better thanlastyear." saidFallon. 
"We'll be a competitive team when our offense and defense come 

If the bats are to ignite, their spark will be coming from Brian Wilson, 
abigstrongfirst baseman who wiUbeaskedtohandlethecIeanupduties 
in Coach McGuirk's offensive scheme. "Brian hits the ball as well as 
anyone could under the weather conditions." added MacArthey. 

The Falcon will rely on Sean Ducharme to handle a hot bat and cover 
the catching duties. Ducharme is a solid hitter, who doubles as FSC's 
sharp shooting man behind the plate. 

Although the Falcons could not escape the winter by flying south, 
they hope that the warm spring and hot bats will power them through 
their 1993 campaign. 

"The weather in Florida wasn't very good." explained Pat 
MacArthey. A number of me players complained that they could not 
shed their long sleeves and sweat shirts to swing freely. 

Whether the ground will thaw in time for their opening game is still 
questionable,butthespiritsarehighinspiteofthe losing tripdown south. 
FSC hopes that the trip to Florida will not be their last round tripper of 



March 3, 1993 

PAGE 16 

Indian baseball tragedy 

Through death, a lesson in life 

by Stephen B. Crafts 
Staff writer 

I arrived at home from school 
today, and as I stepped up on the 
frontporch and opened the screen 
door, the local paper fell at my 
feet the headline read, 'Two 
Indian pitchers killed." It was a 
nice day, but I remained frozen, 
outside on the porch, and read the 

Steve Olin and Tim were 
killed, while Bob Ojeda was seri- 
ously injured due to a boat crash 
occurring last night on a small 
lake near Crews' home, just out- 
side Ft Myers, Florida. 

By the time you're reading this 
article, a week will have passed. 
Most, if not all, the facts will be 
known anddiscussed. Comments 
of the factual nature would be 
premature at this point, and passe 
when you read them. 

It's funny. Everyday I read the 
paper about stories of death and 
the various ways it arrives to nu- 
merous people. NOT that I don't 

get down over it, but it's almost 
like I've become desensitized to 
it It occurs so much, and the de- 
ceased end up as just another sta- 

When a ball player dies, it's 
different It's almost the opposite. 
In a business where statistics are 
everything, a death teaches us to 
look past the numbers and to the 
human being; wins and losses are 
not everything. There'sa man be- 
hind the 29 saves, and there's not 
just millions of fans looking on, 
butawife,kids,afamily watching 
as well. 

I'm not in the position to sum 
up these two men ' s lives in a ' they 
were good men..." fashion. I do 
not have the knowledge nor the 
authority todoso.Whatldo know 
is that these two men were both 
able to accomplish something 
very few of the rest of us ever get 
to accomplish; to play major 
league ball. 

It was not handed to them. 
They were notborn into itor given 
the position because of who they 

were or who they know. They 
achieved their spot through hard 
work, dedication, and sacrifice. 
hood dream that one way or an- 
other escapes the rest of us. That 
alone exhibits a quality that is not 
found in everyone, or better yet, 
very few. 

I do not wish to make these two 
men out as supermen or god-like. 
Nor do I believe everyone who 
puts on a professional baseball 
uniform is of this stature. Some 
have a hard time recognizing their 
talent Othersimply cannot handle 
the fortune, tameand pressure that 
comes with the job. But neither of 
these was the case for these two 

What happened Monday night 
comprehensible. Hopefully 
though, it teaches us that there's a 
lot more to this whole thing, life, 
than numbers. 

This article was written on March 
23, 1993. 

Baseball heroes remembered 

by Dave Querzoli 
Strobe staff 

Our time is blazing 
forward towards opening 
day, baseball fans. 

Yes, in a spring that bids 
Nolan Ryan his last hurrah, 
our beloved Soxhopeofasub 
par .500 performance and 
Mo Vaughn's bat knocking 
opposing pitching for a .450 
batting average. We are 
awakened by real life. 

Big league baseball. To 
many ofusitwasadream that 
acted out daily on the whiffle 
ball fields of our neighbor- 
hood. Whether you were 
Carlton Fisk hitting that 
homer in game six of the 
World Series or perhaps the 
"Rocket-man" striking out 
thesidein theninth,itwasour 

To don a major league cap 
and take that field before 

thousands of hometown fans 
was the ultimate achievement 
Just to be like them, the strong 
armed, the heavy hitting, the 
tobacco spitting- the in vincible 
ballplayer. It was fun, it was 
youth, butover all it was make- 

The fact of the matter is that 
none of us are invincible. 
Young or old, strong or weak, 
ball player or FSC student we 
all areonthisplanetfor the time 
being. Death is involved in our 
lives daily, but never do we 
acknowledge it until it takes a 
main stay in our society. 

In this case, the lives of two 
athletes were taken. Steve Olin 
and Tim Crews led the life we 
backyard heroes dreamed of, 
but never did we imagine such 
a tragic ending. This past 
week' s tragedy should be taken 
are invincible and life is some- 
thing that should be cherished, 
not overlooked. 

FSC response Coach 


KatyMalloy Class of 1995 

I think it's a great tragedy that lives were lost especially since alcohol 
was involved. These people were role models for young people. 
Obviously something needs to be done to improve our supposed role 

Photo by Eric Metzner 

Brett Brownell Class of 1996 

I think it was an unnecessary tragedy that the Indians have to try and 
put aside and concentrate on breaking the .500 mark. 


Photo by Eric Metzner 

Shane Rodriguez Class of 1993 

I think it's a tragedy for their families and their team . It's unfortunate, 
you never know when something like this is going to happen. 
Hopefully they're in a better place now. 

by Jim Sheehan 
Track coach 

Rtchburg State is fortunate for the return two outstanding 
All- Americans in Jason Cullinane the defending All new 
England steeplechase champ, and Kris Theriault, the defend- 
ing All New England javelin champ. Joining them is 
newcomer Jason Desmarais who will help the team in many 
ways. Desmarais is undefeated as a freshmen in New 
England Division three indoor triple jump competition. 

Others that should have good seasons are Francisco 
Hernandez and Kevin Simoneau in the distance events, John 
Daigle in the throws, Derek Valcourt in high hurdles, Bran- 
don Auger andFrankl^egros in the jumps, Eric Selingain the 
400 hurdles. The pole vault trio of Scott McCabe, Francy 
Vasquez and Brad Durbin will also be very competitive this 

Cullinane and Theriault are aiming for a national title this 
year and Coach Sheehan feels that they have the ability and 
experience to accomplish that goal. Freshman Jason 
Desmarais also has the potential to be a national qualifier and 
will be working toward that goal. 

Photo by Eric Metzner